5 Reasons Why Kimbra Rocked MADFest 2014!

5 Reasons Why Kimbra Rocked MADFest 2014!


In case you missed it, Kimbra just performed wonderfully last December 5 at MADFest 2014. A culmination of arts, dance, and music; MADFest 2014 showcased great acts from talented local artists — from dance performances to band sets and even to live art. It was a celebration of talent and creativity, but what definitely made the event more colorful was the presence of the extremely talented Kimbra. We listed the top 5 reasons why she was worth the wait, and why she definitely rocked MADFest 2014.

5 Reasons Why Kimbra Rocked MADFest 2014!

5. She’s more than “Somebody that I Used to Know”.

Kimbra in Manila_MADFEST2014_Anna Esguerra (3)

I know most people who are not familiar with Kimbra’s music would most likely associate her to the infamous “Somebody That I Used To Know”, which she performed with Gotye. But if you happened to find yourself at MADFest 2014, you must know by now that she has a great discography with a very distinct style that you’ll definitely love to listen to over and over again. Although most of the songs that she performed came from her latest album, “Golden Echo”, she was still able to insert some of her earlier music like ‘Come into my Head’ and ‘Cameo Lover’ into her set.

4. She can rock a fleece… and look pretty in it.

Kimbra in Manila_MADFEST2014_Anna Esguerra (11)

Kimbra is just downright gorgeous — just look at that beautiful face and listen to her wonderful music. I know musicians are known for being experimental when it comes to their clothing, sometimes even going all gaga and outrageous when it comes down to it, but Kimbra definitely pulls everything off. Damn straight, son.

3. Her voice is immaculate.

Kimbra in Manila_MADFEST2014_Anna Esguerra (5)

Her soulful voice is definitely worth taking the risk of possibly getting soaked during the event. Despite the threats of the upcoming typhoon, fans still made their way towards the grounds of SM Mall of Asia and waited until midnight just to see her. Belting out all-time favorites, fans and audience alike had a great time with her performance.

2. Her songs are nothing but catchy.

Kimbra in Manila_MADFEST2014_Anna Esguerra (10)

If you did not catch that infectious “pum-pum-pa” beat while she was performing ‘Settle Down’, or that “boom boom boom” when she sang 90’s music; I am not quite sure what kind of person you are.

1. Watching her live is pure gold.

Kimbra in Manila_MADFEST2014_Anna Esguerra (8)

If you’ve seen her performances online, then you must know that seeing her live is a goldmine. She’s a complete performer and she’s not afraid to show how heartfelt she is about her music. You can’t blame the fans for being ecstatic when she finally stepped up for her set right when the clock struck 12. There are artists who sound way better than when they record a song — and Kimbra is definitely one of them. Every minute of her performance was pure joy.

We hope Kimbra comes back again next year because, man, for those who weren’t able to see her live, you just missed half of your life. We don’t want to be selfish with this experience, right?

5 Reasons Why Kimbra Rocked MADFest 2014!


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