5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung

I’ve been a Samsung phone user for quite a while – I think 4 or 5 years – until my cell phone needed to retire. Before I became a blogger, I mostly used my phone to call or text and because I love listening to music, my Samsung M3510 was more than enough.


5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung 7My actual phone is no longer “photogenic” haha


Now, as a blogger, I also need to take good pictures, blog on the go, and share real-time updates on social media. I think Samsung is one of the best brands for this – and not just because of their cool smartphones. Let me share 5 reasons why I love Samsung.


5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung


5. Samsung is a household brand.

Samsung doesn’t only carry mobile telecommunication products; they also offer home appliances like television, monitors, printers, kitchen appliances and more.

 5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung 2

Samsung home appliances (image from philstar.com)


4. Samsung has retail / service locations around the country.

Corollary to number 5, because Samsung offers a lot of products, they also have service locations across the Philippines and around the globe. This makes it easier to get repairs and updates.

 5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung 6

A Samsung store in Taguig, Philippines (image via Wikipedia)


3. Samsung cares.

Giving back is extremely important to all of us and this is also true for Samsung. They care about education, employment and community, health and medical innovations, and the environment.  

 5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung 8Samsung values global corporate citizenship.


2. The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Okay, I admit it. While I’m all about the “greater good”, I’m also very much into Samsung’s newest phone camera, the Galaxy K Zoom. I mean, just look at this:


5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung 1 Samsung Galaxy K Zoom (image from engadget.com)


The Galaxy K Zoom is very helpful for bloggers and social media enthusiasts. I’m totally saving up for this!


1. Samsung trains their employees on how to use their products and more.

Yes, I know, every company trains their employees, but Samsung goes the extra mile. Last year, I was invited to attend a photography workshop for the new hires and the trainer was no less than Columbia Sportswear ambassador, Rolly Magpayo.


5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung 5Image taken at Parks and Wildlife; provided by Rolly Magpayo.


The employees didn’t just learn how to use Samsung cameras/camera phones; they also learned the basics on how to become a photo journalist! Cool, right?


5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung 10

5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung 3

Samsung’s new hires as they listen attentively (image provided by Rolly Magpayo).

5 Reasons Why I Love Samsung 4Image taken at Fort Santiago; provided by Rolly Magpayo.


Now you know the 5 reasons why I love Samsung. Why not go and visit a Samsung store and check out what they have to offer today?



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