5 Reasons Why Alyssa Valdez is Our Current Inspiration in Life

Words by Isaiah Suguitan

You can’t deny that there is something that inspires you to wake up and face the day head-on. For others, it might be their family, their friends, or even their dreams. However, for some, it is the people they look up to.

Alyssa Valdez, also commonly known as “The Phenom”, is the face of Philippine Volleyball today. She is one of the best players the country has. Moreover, she has one of the biggest fandoms in the country, the Alyfinity.

What is it about her, though, that everybody loves? Here are 5 reasons why Alyssa Valdez is our current inspiration in life:

5. She is beautiful inside and out.


Alyssa Valdez is known as one of the country’s best volleyball players, but what you might not know is that she is a very down-to-earth human being. Despite her countless achievements, she never forgets to thank the people who have helped her become who she is now. Not only that, she never forgets to thank her very supportive fans, either.

4. She is a very hardworking person.


Being in the athletic community, Alyssa believes in the value of hard work and this can clearly be seen in every game she goes through. In everything she does, she always stresses that you must always work double time to reach your goals. Seeing her dedication in everything she does inspires us to do the same thing, as well!

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3. She cares about people.


Being the face of Philippine Volleyball, there’s no doubt that a lot of people truly love and support Alyssa Valdez. Her fan group, Alyfinity, serves as the living testimony of how much she is loved by her fans. Coming from all parts of the Philippines (and the world), fans unite to cheer and support her at every game. Because of this, she makes time to express her gratitude through the simple acts of sharing her life online, signing autographs, and more!

2. She is God-fearing.


Alyssa always emphasizes the role of faith in her career. She continues to give thanks to the Lord, the one who made her who she is now. Especially when faced with hardships, Alyssa reminds everyone to just pray and let God take over.

1. She never gives up.


In the world of sports, athletes always eye for the gold. Alyssa is not an exception. In fact, she never gives up because she is extremely dedicated to winning for her team and her country. She continues to thrive even if she is already considered to be one of the best.

Of course, being such an active person, Alyssa’s health is vital to her success in life. While volleyball may help her stay fit, getting the right products that can help her endure and overcome such a physical lifestyle without breaking down is an absolute necessity as well. Alyssa always stays grounded and makes sure she’s the best version of herself with the help of FERN-C, the #1 sodium ascorbate non-acidic vitamin C in the Philippines. Do you love Alyssa Valdez, too? Tell us why!

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