5 Reasons to Vote for Vigan as Part of the 7 New Wonder Cities of the World (and the Top 5 Instagram Photos you HAVE to take in this city!)

5 Reasons to Vote for Vigan as Part of the 7 New Wonder Cities of the World (and the Top 5 Instagram Photos you HAVE to take in this city!)




As if you didn’t have enough reasons to love the city of Vigan, we re giving you five reasons to appreciate this historically significant place even more. Since Vigan is currently in the running to becoming part of The New 7 Wonder Cities of the World, we’ve put together a little list of what we love most about Vigan, to remind you all of just what it has to offer, and maybe  urge you to cast your vote, as well.


5 Reasons to Vote for Vigan as Part of the 7 New Wonder Cities of the World


Let’s start with…



The famous Calle Crisologo, beautiful at any time of the day. 


A must-visit in Vigan: the Syquia Mansion. 


The best way to explore the town is with a calesa ride!


5. Vigan’s Old World Charm

Vigan takes you back to the Spanish colonial era like no other place can; you can almost breathe in the 16th century air, in a little town where time convincingly stood still. The cobblestone streets are narrower and littered with calesas in every corner, urging you to experience Vigan the way our ancestors did way back when. Lavish ancestral homes aim to impress with ornate wood furniture, decorative brass accents and colorful clay floor tiles.



We learned more about Vigan’s history at the Crisologo Museum

vigan-7-new-wonder-cities-of-the-world-21 This part of the Syquia mansion was said to be where former president Quirino held his meetings outside of the Malacañang.


4. A Piece of History in Every Corner

It’s amazing how today’s Vigan is still as abuzz with life as it was centuries ago, and that most of the colonial stone homes from that point in time are still intact at present. This makes Vigan all the more enigmatic: the places, establishments and things that are proof of its rich history still exist – well-preserved, authentic, and with centuries’ worth of stories to tell.



Take a photo at ALL of the pretty windows! 


Every inch of Vigan offers a photo op… 



...even the really old parts of town.


3. Preserving a Picturesque City

Throughout history, Vigan’s gorgeously decrepit buildings and sidewalks have spawned many a photowalk, obviously because it is a place unlike any other in our country. This city indeed ages gracefully, the years only adding more to its beauty and mystery. By voting for Vigan as one of the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World, we can take a more proactive approach at maintaining and further preserving this city’s ageless beauty.



Getting our hands dirty with our very own burnay clay jar 


Never pass up a breakfast/lunch of Vigan longganisa and garlic rice! 


CJ’s empanada is sooooooo good, I swear; missing it so much! 


Killing time at Vigan’s Hidden Garden 

vigan-7-new-wonder-cities-of-the-world-48 Made a pit stop at Ilocos Norte to check out these snowy rock formations..


and those towering windmills.


2. All the other fun stuff to do!

Not only does Vigan offer a feast for the eyes and a fun history lesson; it also has a number of attractions in store for the local tourist. Vigan is widely known for its Burnay pottery jars, you can try your hand at pottery (and even take your finished product home) with the help of the kind men over at Brgy. Pagburnayan. For local foodies, a trip to Vigan wouldn’t be complete without sampling their extremely yummy Vigan empanada (we’re partial to CJ’s empanada, crisp and eggy) eaten the right way with a drizzling of vinegar and salt, as well as Vigan longanisa and bagnet! Other attractions include the ironically popular Hidden Garden and Baluarte. And while you’re at it, why not make a side trip to Ilocos Norte to check out the Bangui Windmills and Kapurpurawan rock formations?




1. Filipino Pride!

Vigan is the only Philippine city that has been nominated to be part of the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World, joining the ranks of other cities such as Barcelona, Mexico City, and London. This is a great opportunity for us to show the world our country’s uniquely diverse heritage, which has made us the cultural melting pot we are today – one of the many reasons why it is indeed more fun in the Philippines. So show your support and cast your vote! You can vote online at: https://www.new7wonders.com/en/cities. Voting period is until December 7, 2014, plenty of time for you to vote and maybe share with your friends!


Vigan in bullets! Vigan run-through (how to get there, where to stay, what to do) plus the 5 Instagram shots you MUST take on your trip after the jump!