5 Reasons Why You Should Get the iPhone X

Article by Angela Cortero / Photos by Katrina Mae Meguizo

Apple’s latest iPhone has gotten everyone crazy with that heck of a leap in tech, and we are soooooo into it.

Although losing the home button and completely remodeling the phone was a risky move, the final outcome is actually very beautiful. Created with a 5.8-inch (diagonally) front screen that melts into a curved-edge and is enclosed by an all-glass body, this evolutionary advancement of a smartphone comes close to perfection.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get the iPhone X

5. It has a TrueDepth camera.

The stabilized 12-megapixel cameras at the back take phenomenal zoom photos, and its different camera settings are breathtaking. You can take portrait lighting photos using both the rear and front camera, too. Best selfies ever…. seriously.

4. It has Face ID.

This is why the home button and the touch ID fingerprint sensor was removed in the first place; it’s the most important change on the iPhone X. Housed in the notch, it unlocks the phone by recognizing your face (yes, even in the dark), operates the Apple Pay, and works the Animoji. Once you’ve set up your face ID, just raise the phone and glance at it, and voilá!

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3. It has a Super Retina Display with OLED Technology.

This brings more true-to-life and vivid colors, high resolution and pixel density that pleasantly melt into the thin edges of the phone. Its True Tone technology also uses an ambient light sensor that makes for a more realistic visual sense, much like reading from actual paper!

2. It has Animojis!

Thanks again to the face ID’s incredible sensors, Apple’s animated emojis work flawlessly well. It’s able to track your eyes and expressions, as well as your voice, and brings them in perfect sync with the animation. You can record all of this fun stuff, send them as videos over MMS, and even export them as MOV files, which means you can send it to practically anyone on any platform. Neat!

1. It is IP67 Water- and Dust-Resistant, and offers Inductive Wireless Charging.

The glass body of the iPhone X enables all of that good stuff. The phone is able to adapt to the Qi wireless standard, allowing it to charge using any Qi-certified charging accessory through its glass back. Just a heads up: Apple is making an “AirPower” accessory to charge the iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, and Airpods, all at the same time… BUT it won’t be out until 2018. Just a little while longer; patience is key!

For the full specs of the iPhone X, check out Apple Inc. 

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