5 Problems Only People with Chubby Cheeks Can Relate To

Words by Patricia Yap

Let’s face it (literally)—having chubby cheeks is not what it’s all cracked up to be.

People may say that we have the perks of looking younger when everyone else looks wrinkly and old, but that’s just one of the few perks we have. Most of the time, having chubby cheeks or very young looking faces poses many problems for us. 

So, if you have chubby cheeks, this article is for you! Here are 5 problems only people with chubby cheeks can relate to. 

5. Got chubby cheeks? The rest of your body must be chubby too! 

I think no matter how thin, lean, athletic, or fit you are, if you have chubby cheeks, everyone else is going to associate it with the rest of your body. If people see you from the head up, chances are they’re going to think you have a cute pudgy body to go with that cute face of yours. 

Even though I’m a chubby-cheeked person myself, I’m guilty of doing this too (Sorry!). I personally know someone I met for the first time and thought they had an equally chubby body, but when they stood up I was surprised to see how fit they actually were. 

Never judge a person from their face, everyone! 

4. Wait—you’re 20!?

From the title, you probably already know what this one’s about. Yes, this is about age problems. See, when you’ve got chubby cheeks, you also tend to look younger or more “baby-faced.” In turn, people think you are younger; as a college student, this poses problems (Entry to bars for one). 

I remember one time I went to a PG-16 movie with my friends, and I was the only 16-year old among them; the rest were 14 to 15 years old. Our two very tall guys friends bought the tickets without question—no problem there. But as we were about to enter the movie house, the security guard stopped me at the turnstile and questioned if I was old enough to watch. 

So, yes, face-age discrimination is real. Always bring a valid I.D. with you. 

3. Pwede pa pisil? Nang gigigil ako! 

Gravity is an enemy to chubby-cheeked people. The more people who pinch our cheeks, the more chances of it drooping down as we get older. Plus, it’s painful! 

We know we’re cute and irresistible, but please don’t. No matter how tempting it is to pinch our cheeks, some of you need to control yourselves. As much as you want to pinch them please refrain from doing so, or at least don’t pinch them too hard. 

These cute faces aren’t playdoh, alright? 

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2. Bat ka galit? 

Probably one of the most annoying problems out there is when others think we never get angry. We’re human, so of course we do! 

When you have chubby cheeks, people assume you’re friendlier than others and could never get mad. When you finally do get mad, people think you’re being rude or being unreasonable; they just find it very out-of-character of you to do so. 

I think this also goes for serious situations. Most of the time, our opinions aren’t taken as seriously as others because of simply how we look. People just can’t seem to take the “baby” image away from you even in serious situations. 

1. Nicknames 

Lastly, the nicknames people have for us. My favorite ones are the classic hamster, chipmunk, and siopao. While I commend the more creative ones (which are actually pretty funny) like chubibo, Sandy Cheeks, cinnamon bun, and potchi. 

This one’s not really a big problem, it’s even cute sometimes cause you have a nickname that’s unique and was placed on you because of love. It’s only a problem when it gets to a point where the nicknames turn offensive. As nice humans, please do not give people with chubby cheeks offensive nicknames. It’s plain mean. 

If I had Php 5.00 everytime someone called me siopao, I’d be able to buy hundreds already. 

All in all, these are just some of the problems chubby-cheeked people can relate to. If you were able to relate to these, then welcome to the club! Don’t be sad though, we also have secret perks that we won’t disclose to everyone—but you already know that! 

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Were you able to relate to these? Tell us more of your chubby cheeks stories below!


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