This Panda Daycare is the cutest thing you’ll see today

The Chengdu Research Base in China, while officially a breeding and conservation center, is fondly called a panda daycare by many. This specialized nursery works to bolster the endangered panda population by providing them with a safe and appropriate environment to live in. They currently have over 100 giant pandas along with other animals like the red panda, black-necked crane, and white crane.

Check out some photos of the pandas below. This one shows them snuggling together in their ‘daycare’ as tiny cubs, sharing a crib: 

panda daycare 2

Then you have them enthusiastically participating in mealtime:

panda daycare 4

An older set of pandas gather together for their mealtime too:

panda daycare 6

This baby panda looks like to be loving the toy horse they were given, not even bothered by the snow falling around:

panda daycare 3

What looks to be a family of pandas seem to be spending their time outdoors bonding:

panda daycare 1

Here they are thoroughly enjoying the mountainous landscape of the conservation center: 

panda daycare 5

(These adorable cheetahs are so shy that they have ‘emotional support dogs’)

The best thing about this daycare? It’s open to visitors and should definitely be on your bucket list if you ever make it to China. Well, best thing aside from saving pandas, of course.

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