5 Kinds of Pinoy Voters We Met at PETA’s New Musical: “Charot!” 

Graphics by: Jury Salaya

“Ang SNATCHER nag-nanakaw sunod tatakbo, samantalang ang POLITIKO tatakbo muna bago magnakaw. Charot!” – Ethel Booba


The May 2019 elections are fast approaching. Indeed, it’s a critical time to stay woke. With all the shenanigans happening in our political system, it can be confusing, overwhelming. That’s why watching bold, social-political shows like Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA) Charot! may help us choose wisely.

For our non-millennial readers, “Charot” is a Filipino slang term that equates to “just kidding”. However, in Maribel Legarda’s (Rak of Aegis director) comedy satirical musical, “Charot” doubly refers to the “Charter of Togetherness”- a constitutional reform that will drastically change the government system of the country. It is highly endorsed by incumbent president-“Papsy”.

It’s Election Day in 2020. The ballot only has two choices – Yes and No. The poll is still tight, and no one knows for sure if the country is shifting to federalism the following day.

Eight voters from all walks of life come rushing to the precinct to cast their votes. It’s flooding and traffic is not moving. Will they make it in time?

Meet five of the eight whose choices could make or break the state of the nation.

The Millennial


  • Sweet and enthusiastic, but can be imposing at times
  • Stance on Charter change: Yes
  • A vlogger from Davao City
  • Believes in the leadership and competence of President Papsy as she experienced it first-hand
  • Would probably facebook live herself during an earthquake

The SuperMall Saleslady


  • Fierce and hardworking, but is just really tired
  • Stance on Charter change: No
  • A working student
  • Sees vote as an opportunity to finally be equal with the rich and powerful in the eyes of the law
  • Possibly a majorette in her younger days

Traffic Enforcer


  • Amicable and dutiful, but a conformist to a fault
  • Stance on Charter change: Yes
  • A solid PPS- President Papsy Supporter
  • Wants to see change in his beloved country, and believes one politician is the ultimate answer
  • Looks familiar because he is bald, in a blue uniform, and has a whistle

Street Vendor


  • Cheerful and madiskarte, but doesn’t care that much
  • Stance on Charter change: Yes
  • A victim of the social class struggle
  • Ignorant about the country’s politics because he is busy trying to make the ends meet
  • That classmate who cracks the funniest jokes at the most inappropriate times

Grethel Tuba


  • Smart and talented, but nobody takes her seriously
  • Stance on Charter change: No
  • A silicone implant lover
  • Thinks critically with unwavering principles and doesn’t tolerate any *BS* from the trapos
  • Do not judge a book by its cover, you’d never guess her real job

Meet the other voters, be part of the story, and cast your own vote at the PETA Theater.

Charot! runs from February 8 to March 17, 2019.
Get your tickets now at TicketWorld or you may call PETA at 0927-603-5913.