5 Pinoy Flight Stewards Who Will Make You Want To Pack Your Bags And Go

Since we made a list of pretty pinay flight attendants who will make you want to travel, we’ve also decided to create a male counterpart! Due to insistent demand and culled from reader nominations, here are 5 flight stewards that will make you want to pack your bags and go. In no particular order:

5. Kenrick Ortega 

Philippine Airlines

ken ortega

4. Chad Hemady 

Philippine Airlines



3. Ralph Vincent Hizon 

Philippine Airlines


ralph vincent hizon


2. Nazzar Benito
Philippine Airlines
1. Kenneth Yrastorza

Philippine Airlines

For some reason, the most reader nominations were of PAL FA’s. Does this mean they have the best looking male flight attendants? Let’s find out! you can send in more nominations to isa.wheninmanila@gmail.com for part 2 of this list!
(Note: All photos and information came from nominations. If you are one of the people featured above & you’d like us to take it down, send us a message. :))

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