5 Innovative Features You Should Look for in a Piece of Luggage

Article by Christian Chagas / Photos by Eunick Nobe and Jeanne Dizon

When planning a trip abroad or out of town, luggage is practically a necessity. This carry-on compact bag is the reason why we are able to bring our travel needs with us on our trips, such as clothes, documents, and toiletries.

Whether on a beach trip out of town with your friends, a fruitful domestic trip with your family, or a vacation with that special someone, you won’t be able to continue your day-to-day life without the convenience that luggage brings.

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If you have ever experienced luggage hiccups on a trip before, here are 5 of innovative features you might want to look for next time.

5 Innovative Features You Should Look for in a Piece of Luggage

5. A Secure Anti-Theft Locking System

Being absolutely praning, leaving my luggage somewhere out of reach always makes me restless, especially when I’m sitting down and know that my luggage is mixed with other people’s luggage and other people are handling MY stuff. It’s so hard to find comfort even even with a neck pillow around your head and your music on full blast.

The Zip Securi Tech system found in Delsey luggage ensures that your luggage will not be accessible, even when other people try to open it. Your luggage will be so secure, you won’t have to keep wondering about the safety of your belongings inside!

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4. A Wheel Brake System

I’ve experienced awkward moments at the airport when the wheels of my luggage randomly tilted due to prolonged use, in turn putting extra strain on my already-pagod-from-travelling body. Delsey luggage is double-wheeled, giving your luggage more support overall.

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The wheel brake system makes it much more comfortable for your arm to provide motion without strain. We tried out how the luggage moved around, and it was pretty swift and efficient!

3. An Overweight Indicator

This feature conveniently warns you when your luggage is heavier than the current authorized maximum weight (23 kg). No need for a weighing scale to weigh a possibly-overweight luggage anymore!

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2. Practicality

Did you know that every piece of Delsey luggage comes with a 5-year warranty? They’re really all about quality!

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1. Attractiveness

Delsey offers products in a wide array of colors: from monochromatic to neon, they have it. As a medyo dull traveler, I tend to opt for something plain –  maybe in black or navy blue; but some people, especially fashionistas, can rock brightly colored luggage bagay to match with their OOTDs!


The brand hailing from Paris has been innovating luggage since 1946 and the whopping 7 decades is a testament why Delsey has been trusted by over 110 countries worldwide. #DelseyPH brings us the same level of security, comfort, style, and innovation experienced abroad here in the hands of us Filipinos. Delsey is sure to be a great buddy for those who are wanderlusts, and even to those who aren’t!

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