5 Hacks To Motivate Your Workouts

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1. Listen to music. This is legit, guys! A workout playlist allows you to focus more on your workout depending on the tempo and rhythm response, which motivates your body to move more. Choose your songs according to the tempo and workout, or better yet — use music apps that attune workout songs depending on your movement!

2.Get a workout buddy. While others feel that a buddy can make things awkward, having someone to work out with can actually increase motivation and accountability!

3.Plan ahead. Plan your meals in advance. Heck, plan your clothes in advance! This saves you the hassle of having to waste time in the morning, and seeing them prepared the moment you wake up motivates you to push through with your workout.

4.Swear. While your mom taught you not to say bad words, studies show that cursing in moments of pain can actually lessen the pain impact! Just don’t overdo it or like all things, it will lose its effect.

5.Download apps that show nearby classes. Always on the go? Download apps that will help you towards the nearest gym or fitness class in your soonest possible available schedule!

What other tips can you recommend? Tag that friend who promised that you would work out together! 😛


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