5 Hacks To Help You Wake Up Earlier


1. Don’t eat anything after 8 pm. After eating, your body uses energy to digest the food you had, keeping you awake longer and sleepy later.

2. Lose the midday naps. Obviously, when you don’t sleep in the day, you feel tired much earlier, which will help you get to bed early in no time.

3. Skip the alcohol. While we all think that alcohol relaxes you and can even lull you to sleep, it’s a whole other scenario when it comes to waking up. Alcohol can leave you groggy and unwilling to get up early the next day.

4. Avoid stressful conversations. This may seem like common sense, as stressful conversations can leave you tossing and turning in bed.

5. Resist hitting snooze. When the alarm goes off, get up, no matter how the snooze button may seem tempting. You’ll only feel even sleepier afterwards and be more unwilling to wake up.