5 Fun Games That Might Test (or Ruin) Your Friendship

Confident enough to say that your friendship with your besties can withstand anything? Try these 5 games and see if that’s true. :p

5 Fun Games That Might Test (or Ruin) Your Friendship

5. Kingdomino

Today’s age is too cool for the same old domino game. Kingdomino gives a fun twist to the classic game with a little arithmetic, strategy, and a tiny bit of luck, of course.

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Instead of connecting matching tiles, players connect matching land tiles. The goal of the game is simple: the player who acquires the highest points by the end of the game wins. Each player is assigned their own king (or queen) and then builds their land around their kingdom. The lands that the players build cannot exceed a 5 x 5 grid yet need to have the highest amount of crowns in the tiles times the number of matching tiles built.

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4. Raise Your Goblets

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Put your best bud’s loyalty to the test. In this game of wit and mindfulness, you’ll start to get an idea of who is trustworthy or not… at least, during the game.

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Raise Your Goblets is best played with six players. It simulates a feast and starts with one goblet in front of each player. Each participant is then given their own set of elements: 2 gems that signify poison (used to kill your target), 2 gems that signify antidotes (used to counteract one gem of poison), and 3 gems that signify wine (used to end the game and determine a winner). With 2 actions per turn, it’s up to you to manipulate the other players, ensure your own survival and poison your target. Having a sharp memory in this game will really help you get ahead. Try it out and see if your friends love you enough not to poison you.

3. Geistes Blitz

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Take off your rings, wristbands, watches, bracelets, and anything else that could get ripped off of your arms and hands before playing this game. Geistes Blitz is a game that will test your wit, reflexes, and speed. P.S. It will most likely get physical.

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A game master picks a card and lays it out on the table. The player who correctly shouts out the item that either appears exactly as it is on the card or doesn’t appear on the card in any way gets a point (keep the card to remember your points). The player with the most cards at the end of the game ends up as the happy winner… assuming there are no scratches or bruises, of course. If your friends have ever let you down before, this game may just be your chance to get back at them.

2. Ugly Doll

Ugly Doll is another fast-action “brasuhan” game.

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The goal is to get the most cards at the end of the game, and maybe the least bruises, too. All cards are scattered across the playing field and each player takes turns flipping a card over. Spot three matching Ugly Dolls and race to grab all of the matching cards that you can get before the others get them. Play this game with your most competitive friends and check your friendship again after the game.

1. Exploding Kittens

With a goal that may seem simple (“don’t explode”), this game is really exciting. The card game is highly recommended for people who are into kittens and explosions, but in the end, the love for those things really don’t matter. Players take turns drawing cards from the deck and the player who gets an exploding kitten card, well, explodes… but wait, there’s more!

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A player can neutralize an Exploding Kitten card with a Defuse card. Depending on the cards that you have, you may also “See the Future” (peek at the 3 cards on the very top of the deck), “Attack” other players, or strategically relocate an Exploding Kitten card back on the deck after defusing an explosion. There are also cute cat cards that can give you special powers when played together.

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We always have that one competitive friend who’ll never stop until they win a game, right? If a name instantly popped into your head after reading that, bring them to Alter Ego in Shangri-La Mall and check out these games!

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Alter Ego is on the 5th Level of the East Wing.

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You can buy a ton of games there, too, and start or build your own collection! Whether you’re a pro or a rookie at board games, this is the place to be. Bring your friends and enjoy!

Alter Ego

5th Level, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong