5 Freaky Pinoy Urban Legends We Really Wish Aren’t True

Be it true or not, urban legends that have been widely circulating through generations never fail to give us the chills when told. As old folk would say, “May tenga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita.” Once a lurid story is told, expect it to reach other people especially now, the age of the internet, where news spread like wildfire.

Here, I listed down five of the most popular urban legends commonly heard or encountered. Old Philippine stories that never get old.

5. Cat-Made Siopao

It is no news when someone tells you “gawa ‘yan sa pusa” while enjoying a piece of siopao. Upon the explosion of this story, some people did actually refrain from eating these steamed buns. Many said this urban legend was obviously a hoax and had been made because of sheer business rivalries. Nevertheless, siopao products are still in the market.

4. Bloodshed for San Juanico Bridge

Considered as the longest bridge in the Philippines (connecting Samar and Leyte), a literally bloody story behind the infrastructure has been vastly spreading up to now. Allegedly, the then first lady, Imelda Marcos, ordered to kill children in the said place to mix their blood in the cement for the bridge’s sturdiness. What made the issue more believable was the reports about kids who had been suddenly gone at that time. But the credibility of this urban legend is still a blur.

3. A Famous Chain of Mall’s Human-Snake

5 pinoy urban legends that never get old

Who could forget this urban legend about a snake hiding behind the dressing rooms of a renowned mall in Metro Manila? This story triggered terror particularly to female costumers because the snake, who was rumored to be one of the twins of the establishment’s owner, was said to be secreted, waiting for his beautiful prey.

Rumor has it that the actress Alice Dixson was nearly victimized by this humanoid creature but was able to escape. To cover the issue, gossips say that the owner had paid her before she left the country and remained quiet. However, Dixson disproved this issue. Years later, people said this snake had already died and above was its alleged carcass.

2. Balete Drive Ghost


Does it ring any bell? Tale-tellers say a long-haired white lady appears whenever someone takes this haunted road in Quezon City. This urban legend is quite old that it has different versions; others say she was raped by a cab driver, some say she encountered an accident in Balete. Also, there has been news reports about drivers being scared off by the ghost and until now, it is considered as one of the creepiest places in Metro Manila.

1. Welcome to the HIV World

A girl posted a Facebook status saying that a friend’s girl friend was walking along in Recto when she found out that someone had injected a syringe in her arm with a terrible note: Welcome to the HIV World.

The story became a trend in different social media platforms, alerting netizens. In contrary, others said this urban legend has been spreading since 1980’s and sounds unreal because HIV takes months to be discovered. The truth behind this story is yet unknown.

Do you believe any of these urban legends? Share your thoughts below!


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