5 Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples

5 Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples


When in Manila, try Fitness Dating.

On Saturday mornings, when I take my usual runs around CCP and the Mall of Asia, it’s a pretty common sight to see couples encouraging each other to stay fit. And whenever my husband and I go home to Baguio,we always jog together, too. 

Relationships put us in serious commitments, so why not extend that commitment to work out with our girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife? The bonus is being a model power couple that inspires others to get fit, too – or at least to become healthy and to confidently grow old and healthy together!


Here are 5 fitness dating ideas for couples that you can look into:


1. Running 

It may start as a reason to see each other during the wee hours of the morning, but later on turn into a fun routine. You may even win future marathons together. 

WhenInManila.com Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples

Thank you Mr. Rich Martinez of BigBang Photography – Baguio for taking the photos of me & my Husband


2. Hiking and Mountain Climbing

Hiking is always a fun, affordable and challenging feat for couples. We just need to make sure it’s safe when we go. You can start with Pico de Loro, Mount Pulag or Mount Apo. Who knows? You might even end up visiting more summits in other countries later on down the line. 

WhenInManila.com Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples


3. Swimming, Snorkeling,  Scuba Diving and Other Water Sports

When you travel with your loved one, you make special memories. While doing that, why not try including some water activities in the mix? Don’t forget to take photos for souvenirs! 


WhenInManila.com Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples



4. General Sports

Volleyball, frisbee, badminton and every Filipino’s favorite: basketball. You can even get some love jerseys. Why not? Couple shirts are in, so why not step it up a little with a sporty tandem?

WhenInManila.com Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples


5. Go to the Gym

5 Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples

Make sure you find some moments in-between, too, but without excessive display of affection that might annoy other gym goers, please. 

WhenInManila.com Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples

You can also become a member of Gold’s Gym and try their Boot Camp Sessions in line with the Famous Boot Camp DVD series. They are 60-90 minutes long and include several pit-stops, wherein you will need to run, squat, do step-ups, shoot hoops, do burpees and other several exercises. The coaches or instructors will go around to see if you are in good form and you will hear a bell to signal when to move to the next level, as well. For the complete schedule, check the gym branch nearest you.

WhenInManila.com Fitness Dating Ideas for Sporty Couples

New to the gym? Read this: https://www.wheninmanila.com/golds-gym-the-ultimate-beginners-guide/

Prefer joining Group Exercises? Read this: https://www.wheninmanila.com/golds-gym-group-exercises-helps-you-get-fit-in-the-most-fun-ways/



Gold’s Gym 

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTrqtypu9InAiWz7jmF8Rt2u0qhZD QNp7iS3 QTNwYOjq9vQ95


 Website: https://www.goldsgym.com.ph/

 Other Branches: https://www.goldsgym.com.ph/clubs




5 Fitness Dating Ideas for Couples