5 Exotic Dishes You Should Try at Least Once in Your Life

We all know that there is a difference between authentic food and exotic food. The main difference between both is that with the latter, you might have never even known that such foreign dishes existed. At this year’s Culinaria event, a celebration of European cuisine held last September 12, attendees got to try an open kitchen style of European food.

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Prepared and made by award winning top chefs, here are 5 exotic dishes that we loved.

5 Exotic Dishes You Should Try at Least Once in Your Life

5. Cheese Extravaganza

CheeseThe Cold Cuts and Cheese Extravaganza buffet 

If you’re crazy over cheese, you’ll love this. Pecorino Romano, Gorgonzola Mascarpone, and Fourme d’Ambert were some of the many cheeses served in the cold cuts and cheese buffet. Accompanied by complimentary wine that the event had for its guess, this was not a bad combination at all.

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The Cold Cuts and Cheese Extravaganza buffet

4. Exotic Tacos


Definitely not your ordinary taco. Prepared by Chef Miko Aspiras, the exotic tacos consist of calamansi parfait and chickpea mousse on chickpea tile and agua fava meringue.

3. Scallops with White Bean and Razor Clam Stew

Scalop white bean

Chef Gavin’s McDonagh’s special scallop with white bean and razor calm stew pumpkin puree flavoured with smoked bacon cream.

2. Forrest Berries Religieuse

Forest Berries

Of course, dessert is a must. Chef Miko Aspiras’ berries are not your typical dessert treat. The sour yet creamy treat concluded an authentic full course meal that left everyone wanting for more of his sweets.

1. Raw Cuttlefish

Raw cuttlefish

The most authentic exotic of all, Chef’s Francesco Brutto’s raw black garlic camomile cuttlefish topped with eyes sauce.

The meals served at this year’s culinary week definitely brought a taste and feel of Europe in the Philippines. With hundreds of attendees, the chefs definitely put on a good show to demonstrate exotic European cuisine at its finest.