5 Effective Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Did you ever wish for a list of guidelines on how to become a successful entrepreneur (or just generally successful, perhaps)? Say no more, because who’s a more trustworthy source of advice than an accomplished entrepreneur himself?

At ASEAN’s 2nd Young Entrepreneurs Carnival, we got remarkable tips firsthand from a noted leader, Founder and President of WhenInManila.com, Mr. Vince Golangco. Among many of his accomplishments, this guy is a DJ, TV and Events Host, blogger, and owner of a company that receives about 10 million impressions daily.

Vince Golangco During a Panel Interview at ASEAN’s 2nd Young Entrepreneur’s Carnival

Take these 5 vital pieces of advice from the man behind When in Manila with his tips on how to become successful.

5 Effective Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

5. Work Hard.

Pretty self-explanatory. Everybody says this a lot because it’s true: “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

4. Be Nice to People.

Vince says, “The nicer you are to people, the nicer they are to you.” This couldn’t be truer. We always get what we give. Being a nice person will make people want to help us, as well. Let us be nice to others not because we want them to return the favor or for good karma, (which, by the way, is inevitable.) Be nice because genuinely helping people out simply makes the world a better place.

3. Find Your Passion.

Every success speaker says this… and we put it on the list simply because everybody says it and we don’t want to miss out… Just kidding!

Finding your passion is one of the most essential tips to becoming successful in anything. It’s like the unlimited source of fuel that will get you where you want to be. Just imagine doing your job because you’re feeling obligated to; then, imagine working because you love it.

2. Get Your Heart Shattered into a Million Pieces.

Now, don’t get all “Aw” on us here. See, as Vince says, it’s not necessarily like getting your heart broken after a breakup, which could be the same on so many levels. Hitting rock bottom will make you realize that you need to re-evaluate things and see where you are in life.

When we are at our lowest, it is time to find a way to succeed, stand up and do better, and see that when the time comes, you can rise above anything. Direct the sad energy to = something worthwhile – and from there, build a strong foundation. Who knows who might just crawl their way back to you? Kidding again! No, seriously: it’s possible! 😉

1. Don’t be Late!

It’s very unprofessional and, of course, nobody wants to keep everyone else waiting.

There you have it! 5 successful ways to becoming a successful entrepreneur! Actually, it’s a considerable title since these 5 tips are basically things that you can follow to become successful at anything…so, go forth and thrive!


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