5 Delicious Fried Chicken Dishes to Try When in Manila

Tired of the usual fried chicken dishes offered in popular fast food chains? Break from the usual stuff and try these 5 fried chicken dishes on your next chicken craving!


The ones I listed here are just some of my personal favorites… I actually wanted to add more but sadly, I couldn’t find my old photos so I hope you can give me time to re-visit and take photos of my other favorites like Robina Chicken House, & Country Chicken along QC Ave. I’m also a big fan of Texas Chicken and Popeye’s Chicken, but for some reason, they can no longer be found here in Manila. huhuhuhu

Whenever I feel hungry and log-in to my Opensnap, I often read a lot of raves about the fried chickens at Sincerity, Kettle, Coco Hut, Tom Sawyer’s and Johnny’s which is known as the “Fried of Marikina” so I look forward in visiting them all soon! It’s really a helpful and practical food app guide for foodies like me, who are always on the lookout for new delicious eats.

For now, I’ll be sharing my 1st 5 favorites… I’m a big fan of all of them and they are the 1st ones that come to mind every time I crave for chicken! I believe these restos deserve much recognition for serving great quality food and for being in the industry for a looooong time!

5. Crispy Chicken Wings at Truly Asia (Fisher Mall, QC)

Chefs Home Baguio City When in Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya-14

I originally tasted this recipe at Chef’s Home in Baguio City and I’m so happy that Chef Alvin brought it here in Manila for everyone to enjoy! I would have to admit that it was love at first bite and I couldn’t really move on til now! hihihi Seriously, I believe more people should know about Truly Asia’s amazing menu! I couldn’t find the fitting words to describe how tasty it is. It’s simply way different for the others and the crispiest so far in my experience. Definitely a MUST in your list! I’ll post more photos of it on my OpenSnap when I visit again soon!

4. Asian Chili Wings at Dong Juan (Mother Ignacia Ave, QC)

Dong Juan Chili Wings Mae Ilagan-3

During my 1st visit, I was super surprised to know that Dong Juan has been very popular in Visayas for many years  and it’s really nice that they are now making a name here in Manila! Dong Juan is well known for their burgers and other Filipino classics but wait til you taste their Asian Chili Wings!! Merely thinking of it is enough to make me salivate… MMMMmmmmm!!!

Perfectly glazed crunchy wings with a spicy Asian kick! This, for me is the perfect example of “finger lickin’ good!”

 3. Buttered Chicken at New City Food House (Kalayaan Ave, QC)

new city buttered chicken

Been enjoying this since I was a kid and until today, their Buttered Chicken never fails to satisfy whenever I need a chicken fix. They are open 24/7 so you may visit them anytime! I remember having a lot of date nights and late night drinking sessions here when I was in college.

Be sure to tell the waitress to separate the sauce upon serving. It’s super good and you gotta try it with their shanghai fried rice and Torta Galina too! Their prices are also very affordable so no need to worry!

2. Honey Fried Chicken at The Aristocrat Restaurant (Roxas Blvd Manila)

Aristocrat Restaurant When in Manila Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan  (14 of 15)

I’m a big fan of Aristocrat and I always order their Honey Fried Chicken each time I visit! Java sauce palang, solb na! Best eaten with their signature Java rice or with their Pancit Sotanghon Guisado. I always rave about it because Aristocrat’s Honey chicken is way bigger and juicier compared to its counterpart which I find too small and too dry. The Aristocrat has been very consistent in serving excellent food for almost 80 years now!

1. Kipp’s Chicken (SM Megamall and Southmall)


This is definitely another long time favorite of mine especially during my college days when I was still living in Bago Bantay a few years back. SM North was like my 2nd home then, and Kipp’s was one of those I visit frequently. A few days ago though, I was so heartbroken when I found out they were no longer there!! huhuhuuhuu I felt so frustrated that I even messaged them on Facebook…


Oh well, I’ll just visit them when I go to Megamall in the near future…  When you visit, be sure to eat it with their Spanish rice and Macaroni Salad!

And so, there goes my 1st 5 favorite fried chickens so far. Visit Opensnap right now to get your fried chicken fix!

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5 Delicious Fried Chicken Dishes to Try When in Manila

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