5 Cool New Things to Order at Pink Panda by Erwan Heussaff

Where can you get Southeast asian food, When In Manila? 

There are tons of choices just here in the metro alone if you’d like to go for Thai or Vietnamese food. But in Pink Panda, just like we’ve featured before, they would combine southeast asian ingredients, highly spiced yet with flavors familiar to the Filipino palate.


They’re turning it up a notch with their new additions to their Southeast Asian Menu.


Pink Panda is not very difficult to find. It’s at the ground floor of Y2 residences (at the back of A Venue Mall in Makati Ave.) Parking though, like everywhere else in Makati will be challenging but in Pink Panda, you can conveniently park nearby at A Venue and Pink Panda will shoulder your parking fee! Isn’t that awesome? Best part yet!



Basically one of my favorite things about Pink Panda is their gorgeous interiors! Even if I wasn’t hungry, I’d still go and enjoy their chill vibe in the atmosphere and have a drink or two. & speaking of alcoholic drinks:



5. Pink Paradise 
Vodka, apricot and brandy

I was very excited to try their drinks mainly because as everyone knows, Erwan Heusaff who owns Pink Panda and a couple more restaurants under his Mothership group of restaurants is well versed with cocktails. He has a distinct palate and I could tell he enjoys tweeking and turning his cocktail recipes for the bold and beautiful. My favorite would be Pink Paradise which was a very girly drink that oddly reminds me of a pink flamingo.



They also have some promos for the happy drinkers in Pink Panda. I’d like to bring a couple of my friends next time. We’re really looking for some quiet places to have a few drinks at. Makati has been crowded with places that were so heavily noisy, it was agitating. 


4. Lemongrass and Bagoong Pork Dumpling  

This is their take on the classic filipino flavor combination we love: sour mango with salty bagoong (shrimp paste). Why we loved it: combination of flavors was familiarly good, it was soaking in broth (which i love) and the texture of the dumpling wrappers were very smooth and chewy. Though if you’re not into spicy, you might not jump the bullet on this one though you can tell the waitress ahead if you’re not a spicy fan. 


3. Duck and Pork Bak-Kuh-Teh 

 is a Chinese soup popularly served in Malaysia and Singapore. It literally means “meat bone tea.” It consists of duck, veggie tofu pockets, egg noodles, mixed mushrooms, black pepper sauce and herbs. We loved the very rich broth, fresh mushrooms and the duck was perfectly cooked! We also liked how generous the serving was. We recommend this for the rainy season that’s up ahead! Watch out for the chunky black pepper in the broth though.



 2. Mixed Seafood Sambal

Fried prawn toasties, curried tomatoes and chickpeas, crablets, 

This was a very big serving! Definitely good for everyone to share. Each component was cooked a certain way and certainly well. The crablets were crunchy and you will love the shrimp toasties (the toasted bread with shrimp meat) make sure to dip it in the sambal. The sambal sauce was very creamy and not at all spicy as per usual when I have sambal. 



1. Shredded Coconut Chicken Salad

Spring onions, roasted pumpkin, green beans, chopped peanuts, coriander sesame oil

Last but definitely not the last! We were wowed by this very simple salad which stole the show. Pink Panda’s sous chef told us that this was her favorite dish (as well as Erwan’s) but we weren’t convinced until we tried it for ourselves. It was a very simple, back to basics salad that was tossed in a sweet sauce and it was what put it all together. The veggies were crunchy and it had a roasted-sweet-peanut aroma that came from the peanuts and roasted pumpkin. You can’t leave Pink Panda without tasting this Salad. Definitely our favorite as well!


Craving for Southeast Asian food, we recommend you to go to Pink Panda and try out their new additions to their menu




Ground Floor, Y2 Residence Hotel, 4687 Santiago Corner B. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati City
Telephone Numbers: +63 9178390714; 02 8563790


Featured Image c/o: Ms. Monique Jamlang’s IG