5 Christmas Picks For Everyone in Your Barkada

The weather is already cooling down and festive tunes already fill the air, which means one thing: Christmas. And what inevitably comes with Christmas? Christmas shopping, of course! But we all know that shopping for gifts can somehow be exhausting. With that, I decided to help out.

Here are some gift ideas for everyone in your barkada!

5. For the Hipsters

For the one always spouting quotes from poems and indie movies, has a weird obsession over heart and infinity symbols, and has that unique sense of style that is a cross between effortless and always casually picture-ready, Royal Closet’s Statement Beanies is the way to go! It shouts individuality, chicness, and would go well with those hipster glasses we all grew familiar with.

Reach them over at:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/royalcloset
Instagram: www.instagram.com/royalcloset

4. For the Fashionistas

For the girly girls in the group who know every trend and own wardrobes to die for, you can get them gifts from Coral and Oak Accessories. Their pieces are very simple yet elegant that would go well with any outfit. Your fashionista friend will love you for making their outfit-matching dilemmas less stressful.

barkada gift2-720x844
Check them out over at www.instagram.com/CoralAndOakMNL

3. For the Artsy

For your artsy fartsy friends, Planners and Journals stationery set is perf! They have themed box sets every month that includes different things from stationery to stamps, to watercolour, and artsy cards. Not to mention cute filler pages to use on their planners—perfect for scheduling all those creative excursions.

barkada gift 5-720x539
Order now by messaging them over at www.facebook.com/PlannersAndJournals

2. For the Geeks

For them, something they would really love would be chibi-fied versions of their favourite fandom characters! Give them a shirt and a bagtag bundle from Anik Aniks to make their Christmas wishes come true!

barkada gift 4-720x539
Hit them up at www.facebook.com/anikaniks

1. For the Social Media Savvy

Last but not the least, is the friend who is always in charge of uploading your wacky selfies online. Their phone would most likely be the treasure trove of your barkada memories, so why not give them something to glam up their gadget? Whim Manila has an amazing roster of phone cases. You will surely find something that will match your friends’ gadgets and personalities. Most of these items are also designed and handcrafted by Filipino artists, so how’s that for special?

barkada gift 3-720x539
Reach them over at:
Facebook: https://fb.com/WhimManila
Instagram: @Whim.Manila
Viber: 09178731353
Twitter: @WhimManila

Now that your holiday shopping’s sorted, why not grab something for yourself too? If you’re the foodie in the barkada, check out Chef U’s Kitchen: Salmon, Scallops and More Delivered Right At Your Doorstep


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