Chef U’s Kitchen: Salmon, Scallops, and More Delivered Right At Your Doorstep

Raise your hands if you love seafood! Now, raise your hands if you love food in general! Well then, you are gonna love this!

Chef U’s Kitchen caters a wide range of dishes that truly satisfies one’s palate. We all know that Pinoys love rich flavors and exciting twists to dishes, so when Chef U’s Kitchen said that they have just that, I decided to give them a try.

I was not disappointed.


First off, I’m a sucker for aesthetic. Just like most things, visuals have a huge impact in stimulating one’s appetite. The first one I feasted my eyes on was the Baked Salmon. Garnished with peas, corn, and carrots, the salmon sat perfectly in the middle of the tray. The color was definitely on point.

As for the taste, the salmon wakes up the tongue with its exquisite flavora mixture of spices evident in every bite. The fish itself was very tender and moist, which highlights how much technique went into its cooking.

Chef U 2

Moving on to another Chef U’s Kitchen bestseller, their Baked Scallops were divine. I have always been a huge fan of scallops, whether it be in pasta, rissotto, or just as it is. I know for a fact that it can be very hard to cook since it has a tendency to break or become gummy. But, again, Chef U’s Kitchen will make you eat it all before you can even finish saying “yummy.”

That’s not all. Pinoys are die-hard fans of sauces and dips, and Chef U’s Kitchen has their own. Appropriately called the “Dynamite Sauce,” the taste of the dishes truly explode in your mouth when taken with it. It elevates the flavor of the food and gives it that extra kick that’s perfect especially when combined with rice.

Chef U 3

Did that get your stomachs rumbling? Well, that’s not the best part yet. The great thing is that they will deliver it right to your doorstep. Just give them a 3-day allowance to commit to your orders. Plus, you can get these yummy dishes for only Php 850 to Php 2,000. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and satisfy that craving for good food. Check them out over at:

Chef U’s Kitchen

Instagram: @chef_u_kitchen
Mobile: +639065671256

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