5 Cheap Date Ideas That Isn’t Netflix and Chill

When you’re trying to impress a date but on the verge of petsa de peligro (once again), you need to get creative. When in Manila, there are various ways to pull off a cheapskate date without actually looking like your wallet is on the verge of empty. Here are a few ideas taken straight from experience.

5. Try a picnic lunch

Diversify the office lunch routine of fast food with a break from the concrete interiors and four walls by getting outdoors. Choose a windy day with a slight overcast so you don’t sweat balls while picnicking at the nearest park or open space.


4. Discover a new carinderia or jollijeep together

It’s always fun finding new food spots with a date, and even better with the challenge of a budget. If you’re undecided take her to your favorite carinderia or ask her to show you her frequented jollijeep.

3. Go on a bike trip

If you’re both the adventurous type, hit the back roads and discover a different perspective to the city. Going outdoors and taking routes unbridled with bumper to bumper traffic will allow you to appreciate the concrete jungle (and each other) more.

Young couple holding hands with sun-flare.

Young couple holding hands with sun-flare.

2. Do a photo walk

If you’re both into photography or even just trying it out, take the train or jeep to Manila where you can walk around and indulge in the art deco architecture and the stark contrasts in every corner. Take photos of scenic views of the old city or places with a special historical significance.

1. Listen to live music

Head to a local spot where jam sessions are frequent, order a beer each, sit back and enjoy the show. Jam sessions are firstly, free of charge, and are an unadulterated form of musical expression. Oh and if you’re really into it, why not join in?

Couple holding hands in cafe

Any other cheap date suggestions?