5 Beautiful Shots of the Philippine Sky at Night

After posting a video of the beautiful night sky submitted by Ashley Yee, we decided to ask our readers for similar submissions and wow, did they deliver! Here are our favorite submissions:

Cavite Milky Way

Yves Ramirez took this at Amadeo, Cavite at around 2am.

Biri Northern Samar Milky Way

This romantic photo was submitted by Don Rich Diaz Buenviaje taken at Biri Northern Samar, at around 10 Pm.

Calatagan Milky Way

Yani Dela Pasion took this one in Calatagan.

North of Cebu Milky Way

Kirby McFly took this in the North of Cebu.

Bacolod Milky Way

Submitted by Mark Pahilona Salanap: Bacolod, around 1:00 am. He shares that things are more visible by taking long exposure.

Have you ever witnessed such a beautiful spectacle? Send your photos over, too! If you have any tips on how to capture shots like this, that would be even better! 🙂