4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yanagi at Midas Hotel and Casino

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yanagi at Midas Hotel and Casino


One thing I love about Manila is finding an authentic Japanese restaurant and a kid-friendly place at the same time.  I know Jollibee and Mickey D’z are the best for our kids, but it would be nice to go to a fine-dining restaurant once in awhile. (And if budget permits, of course!)  By doing so, we can teach them table manners and/or proper behaviour. But kids will be kids, right?


Yanagi  no kids allowed

(Photo credit: Dailymail.co.uk) Fortunately, we don’t have a policy like this in the Philippines (Not that I know of.)


I have been craving for Japanese food lately.  No, I am not pregnant, but you can blame it on the sumptuous meals of Yanagi, which are constantly in my head. 



 I love their Fried Tempura Maki! 


Keeping up with the standards of other restaurants in the Philippines is a huge responsibility. Although, Yanagi, is a reappearance of Tempura Misono during Hyatt Regency Hotel days, they indeed set the standards of what a Japanese restaurant should be like.


Yanagi tatler

Yanagi is cited by the Philippine Tatler for two consecutive years as one of the Best Restaurants of 2014! 


So, let me cut to the chase and share with you my 4 reasons why you should visit Yanagi soon!


4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yanagi at Midas Hotel and Casino


4. Child-Friendliness

As a mum, I have to be steadfast if the place is conducive for kids. Otherwise, I have to come prepared- mentally and physically. As luck would have it, high chairs welcomed us! Absolute reason why I love Yanagi.  Kids are definitely welcome!


Yanagi high chair


Some restaurants are strict and would sometimes put you at the far end, just so not to disturb other diners. As what the Receptionist said: “Kids are always welcome here.  That’s why we have high chairs available for parents who want to dine in with them (children).”


3. Lots of Surprises

One of my pet peeves is restaurants having the best images on their menus and yet a different outcome. In short: false advertisement. Yanagi is different, though. You’ll be surprised coz what you see is what you get!


Yanagi  tempura

Fried Tempura Maki is love!

Yanagi  Aburi sushi

Aburi Sushi 5 Kinds is Yanagi’s best-seller. 

Yanagi  Sushi


2. Creativity

If it isn’t obvious yet, their plating is amazingly beautiful, right?  But, their creativity doesn’t stop there. Have you tried papaya with oysters in it?  Sounds funny, and yet, yummy! 


Yanagi  Papaya

 First time to try Papaya with Oysters- definitely not the last!


1. Magnificent Service

This is one of the reasons why I keep coming back to Yanagi. Besides their mouthwatering food, people are courteous. Maintaining Customer Service is paramount.  


Yanagi  buffet

We enjoyed Fried Tempura, Kaki Papaya, desserts, and Aburi Sushi.  In short, everything! 🙂 


Yanagi offers a reasonable price of Php 1,485 net per person. And, since they are a kid-friendly restaurant, children 6-12 years old is Php 544 net and 6 years below, get to dine for FREE!! 

 Finding a Japanese restaurant is easy, they come a dime a dozen. However, finding a delectable and child-friendly one is hard to come by.





 2nd floor of Midas Hotel and Casino, 2702 Roxas Boulevard Pasay City, Philippines

For Reservations: 902 0100


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4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yanagi at Midas Hotel and Casino