4 Hacks To Sleep Better


Whether you’ve been having trouble falling asleep, or feel that the quality of your sleep has gone poor, here are some tips that can help you feel better rested.

1. Quit the caffeine by 2 pm. When you drink caffeine later in the day, you might experience sudden energy boosts when you’re not supposed to.

2. Turn off electronics 30 minutes before bed time. When you’ve become exposed to light too soon before sleeping, your mind tricks itself thinking it’s still day time, affecting your sleep quality. Turn them off 30 minutes before going to bed, and you’ll feel the quality of your sleep change dramatically.

3. Keep yourself hydrated. Hydration helps run your body better, overall making you feel better rested and it makes it easier to fall asleep in the night, too.

4. Download a sleep app. A sleep app will help you keep track of your sleep, inform you how much sleep you should be getting, and allow you to wake up during your lightest sleep period, making you feel less groggy and ensure you wake up on the right side of the bed.

Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know!


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