4 Different Perfume Scents For Each Personality

Summer is here and aside from sunblock, you should also have the perfect perfume. Though the weather can be a hindrance in smelling good this summer, you would want to have a perfume that is long lasting and that will match your personality.

Take it from the French women who knows true sophistication and elegance. They wear chic outfits, stylish accessories and amazing scents. You don’t have to search far and wide as French-inspired Eau de Toilettes and fragrant body products are now within reach with Enchanteur.

Adventure Magique

If you are carefree, confident and adventurous, Enchanteur has the perfect scent for you. Magique is a mix of apple, magnolia and praline is perfect for a day out with her sweetheart as you try fun and new things together.

4 Different Perfume Scents For Each Personality

Sweet Belle Amour

Romantic and simply irresistable; the Belle Amour is a captivating blend of apple, melon, blackcurrant and pink rose scents that would make her date’s heart beat faster.

4 Different Perfume Scents For Each Personality

Cheeky Mon Amie

A scent made of fresh citrus, red apple and pink peonies is perfect for the fun, cheerful and charming girl.

4 Different Perfume Scents For Each Personality

Adore Elegance

With the likes of the sensual wild jasmine, pink mimosa and golden pear, Adore evokes glamour and sophistication

4 Different Perfume Scents For Each Personality

All four Enchanteur Paris fragrances strike the perfect balance whether you want something light, fresh, sparkling, elegant or sensual.

Enchanteur Paris also shares a French woman’s secret to making her fragrance last longer and that is through complementing the Eau de Toilette with the Parfum Lotion, Parfum Serum, Deospray and Hand Cream. With these products, your chosen Enchanteur Paris scent will linger and enchant the whole day.