30 K-Dramas That Will Make You Super Kilig

I recently got bitten by the K-drama bug and man, have I been hit hard! I’ve been hit so hard, in fact, that I started asking people for recommendations of what to watch next – and to be honest, I wasn’t prepared for all of the titles that were thrown my way.

I haven’t watched any of these, so they’re just in alphabetical order: a list of K-dramas that will apparently make everyone super kilig – just in case you need it, too.

30 K-Dramas That Will Make You Super Kilig

 Because This is My First Life (2017)

This series stars Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min and tackles different points of view on careers and relationships. This is perfect for those who aren’t exactly sure what the answer should be to “Love or career?”

Birth of a Beauty (2014)

Kind and overweight . Sa Geum-ran has married into a family that is well-off, but her husband Lee Kang-joon has been abroad for several years. Upon his return, he fails to tell Geum-ran that he is back. Plus, he has a secret affair with a broadcast announcer.

Cinderella with Four Knights (2016)

Based on the novel with the same title, this drama is about a group of passionate young people in their 20s who live together. Many people compare it to ‘Boys Over Flowers’ (or ‘Meteor Garden’ in Taiwan).

Confession Couple (2017)

Based on the 2016 webtoon ‘Do It One More Time’, ‘Confession Couple’ revolves around a family with everyday struggles that leave them tired and unhappy. However, what Aly Anna particularly loves about this series is that it makes her nostalgic about her high school student life as it also portrays how love seems so light when we’re young and naive about the future.

Descendants of the Sun (2016)

Soldiers Yoo Si-jin and Seo Dae-young are off-duty when they apprehend a guy for stealing a motorcycle. Things get complicated when they realize the guy had actually stolen Dae-young’s phone and they go to the hospital to find it. Here, Si-jin finds himself attracted to a doctor and that’s where the kilig begins. Gino Quillamor points out that the show has a “good balance of action and kilig”, making it a great choice for both men and women. The series was a huge hit in Korea and even won several awards.

The Doctors (2016)

As its title suggests, ‘The Doctors’ is a medical drama revolving around a troubled teenager turned charismatic doctor. This series was also a big hit in Korea, thanks to its action scenes and its script.

Fight for My Way (2017)

‘Fight for My Way’ follows the stories of underdogs who have big dreams of success in careers that they aren’t exactly qualified for. According to Cindy de Vera Sang-An, the kilig factor is greatly because of Park Seo-joon. However, a lot of people also commend the show for being so relatable with its realistic plot. In fact, the show was a slot leader throughout its whole run on TV.

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)

Nichola Fay commends this show for being a classic. The series follows the story of a tomboyish woman who dresses like a guy to get a job and who falls for a young food empire mogul. Some people say the show paved a great road for the LGBT community since the man originally did not know the true sex of the woman in the series.

Full House (2004)

‘Full House’ is considered to be the pioneer of K-drama as it really helped propel the Korean Wave all over Asia. According to Chappy Sioco, ‘Full House’ is very light and funny, pero tagos sa puso ung eksena. Catherine Cajeda explains that it basically gives you an idea how it feels to date an Oppa – the hopes of a K-drama/K-pop fan!

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