3 Major Ways To Have A Smart Life, According To Smart Elite’s Brand Ambassadors

Students maintaining a certain GPA, athletes with basketball trainings despite harsh weathers, and now Smart Elite’s brand ambassadors. Don’t you just wonder how these young hustlers manage to live a smart life? Here, they shared with us their insights to serve as others’ inspiration during life’s rough days.

3 Major Ways To Have A Smart Life, According To Smart Elite’s Brand Ambassadors

3. If you’re a student, always prioritize your studies.

As student athletes, NCAA players, and now Smart Elite’s brand ambassadors, their to-do lists are constantly full. When asked about how they manage to do it, they simply said that basketball is not forever. Whatever they have now is not something that will sustain them forever. So, if you’re a student doing a lot of activities beyond academics, always remember to put your studies first because education is a treasure which you’ll take with you eternally.


2.  Always go after your passions.

In life, there are many things that can hinder us from chasing our passion. Sometimes, we can feel lazy, sometimes we can feel uninspired, and we just feel like giving up. We must, however, not let that get in the way of pursuing our passions and achieving greater things in life. These student athletes faced a lot of challenges in their journey to where they are now, but that’s the thing: they wouldn’t be where they are now if they had let the negative things get in the way.


1. Always think twice before saying something, and always be responsible for what you say.

Along with the fame comes the pressure of having a lot of people keeping an eye on what you say and what you do. Then again, it’s not solely about being famous. Though there are greater pressures on these students athletes to be responsible with what they say, both in the digital and the real world, everyone should also keep in mind that we should always be cautious about how our words can possibly affect others and ourselves.


Smart Elite’s new brand ambassadors are: Baser Amer (San Beda College), Earl Scottie Thompson (University of Perpetual Help), Jiovani Jalalon (Arellano University), Rey Nambatac (Colegio de San Juan de Letran), Jonathan Grey (De La Salle College of Saint Benilde), Francis Munsayac (Emilio Aguinaldo College), Tey Teodoro (Jose Rizal University), Joseph Gabayni (Lyceum of the Philippines University), Andretti Stevens (Mapua Institute of Technology), and Bradwyn Guinto (San Sebastian College).

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