3 Life Lessons We Learned From Tim Hardaway

There is so much more to Tim Hardaway than simply being a 5-time NBA All-Star player. Sure, his career in the NBA was one smooth ride, but getting to where he is now was a vicious cycle. He learned a lot, not just as a former basketball star, but also as a coach and father.

Whether you are eyeing to get into the basketball scene or just want to get an office job, these life lessons are things you can all use.

3 Life Lessons We Learned From Tim Hardaway

You’ve Got to be Confident in What You Do.

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A ton of other basketball players hace already done the crossover, and some of them have even added their own style to Hardaway’s famous move.

While some basketball players may have already managed to make the crossover look cooler, Hardaway still considers his crossover to be the best one. Sure, that may sound arrogant to some people; but if you want to reach your full potential, you need to be a little arrogant. After all, it’s what you think that matters the most.

Take Your Shot.

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Basketball players look like they’ve got their shots all figured out, but they don’t always score.

When you’re on the court, you don’t have time to think about the best move. It’s not just about knowing what you’re doing; you also need to listen to your instincts.

Once you’re out there, you need to think less and do more. It won’t always work out, but you’ll never really know until you take your shot. Even if you don’t make it, you win both ways because you’ll learn something.

Have a Game Plan.

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Whether you’re a rookie player, a Stephen Curry, a Kobe Bryant, or someone like Tim Hardaway; every game won’t be the same. Some will be good. Others will be bad.

Always be prepared. Basketball is unpredictable. Life is unpredictable. You need to think in advance so you can anticipate your opponents’ next move.