3 Holiday OOTDs for a Snap-Happy Christmas

Holiday Fashion 2

Can you believe how quickly time flies? It’s Christmas in just a few days! The scent, the food, the decors, even the heavier traffic we experience signal us that we’re all indeed in the holiday rush. It’s exciting to look forward to countless parties, but prepping for them can take up quite some time. Still, you need to make sure you’re all put-together for these once-a-year celebrations, don’t you think? So, to keep things hassle-free, here’s a simple guide to building your OOTDs for the holidays, and of course, where to get them!

It’s a White Christmas

Holiday Fashion 4

On Melody: Loose Polly Top, Flattering Tops; Pants, model’s own. On Jo: Crop Top, Cinta Manila; Shorts, model’s own.

Be simple yet stunning in white. You can either dress up your simple white top with baggy jeans and comfy sneakers or boots, or opt for a printed white crop top for a fashion-forward look. Amp up your party style with gold accessories for a more festive appeal.

Holiday Fashion 6

Personalized bracelet and necklace, Mia Casa.

Holiday Fashion 7

Howlite Necklace, Stone River PH.

Flattering Tops is known for, what else but their flattering tops? Known for their relaxed and loose basics, they want their clients to feel comfortable and free with their outfits. They also study the cuts and styles of their items to make them flattering for women. Celebrities have been raving about their clothes, too, like Pauleen Luna and Yam Concepcion!

Their passion and dedication to celebrating women’s bodies also makes this brand a powerful tool in spreading the word on embracing one’s body. Choose from their wide variety of tops; they have the Polly Tops, Knits, Sexy V’s (their version of a V-neck shirt), Angel Drapes (their famous cover-up) and the new printed pullovers (comes in different designs!) with a price range from P150-P650

Website: www.flatteringtops.com.ph

Facebook/Instagram: Flattering Tops

Mia Casa is the brainchild of sisters Jenny Uy and Stephanie Uy-Catedral. They used to help their mom in creating accessories when they were kids, and took this hobby into creating their business. Customers are drawn to their best-selling personalized items, like the bracelets, necklaces and bookmarks. You can also ask them to engrave your name on their accessories, making them not only cute additions to your well-stocked bling collection, but nice gifts for someone special, as well! Their prices start at P50.

Facebook/Instagram: miacasa8

Stone River PH leans towards minimalism; reaching to women who love to keep it simple yet elegant. Their pieces boast of gemstones perfect for dressing up or down. The gemstones also have different properties, some to calm your senses or to help in your everyday life. Their bestsellers are their Orb collection and Caged Stone necklaces.

Website: www.stoneriverph.com.

Prints & Colors

Holiday Fashion 9

Top and shoes, model’s own; Palazzo pants, Cinta Manila; Bag, Spoiled Brats PH.

Holiday OOTDs

Balance out your outfit with a formal bottom like palazzo pants or a maxi skirt and pair it with a sleeveless top. It is important to keep one piece the center of your outfit to pop, so neutrals are the way to go.

Holiday Fashion 11

Top, Cinta Manila; Skirt, model’s own; Necklace, Stone River PH; Bag, Spoiled Brats PH.

Be sweet and charming in a cute, girly top. Balance your bare shoulders with an A-line skirt. Also keep in mind to stick to your color palette for a more put-together look.

Holiday Fashion 17

Clear Quartz Necklace and Howlite Orb, Stone River PH.

Spice up your outfit and go crazy layering your accessories! Whether you choose to excessorize or limit to one to two pieces of jewelry, it’s a nice motif and will give a different oomph to your look.

Cinta Manila houses quality and affordable wardrobe for all fashionistas out there. With their different varieties ranging from crop to off-shoulder tops, origami skorts to maxis, they surely have something that will suit your shape and style! A fashion-forward brand that comes up with the latest designs, Cinta Manila is a go-to shop for the trendy you. Their prices range from P100-P500.

Facebook: ShopCintaManila

Instagram: @CintaManila.

Spoiled Brats PH sells bags in all shapes, colors, and forms. Their bags are roomy and in trend, and the best part is that they have 3-or 4-way bags! This means that you can use them as a backpack, shoulder bag, sling bag, or a carry-all. Now you can wear your outfit and decide later which style of bag to pair it with. Amazing, isn’t it? Their prices range from P349-P749.

Facebook, Instagram and Zalora: Spoiled Brats PH.

Holiday Fashion 15

Sweater Weather

Holiday Fashion 18

Sweater, Manic Vintage; Scarf (used as skirt), stylist’s own.

Get cozy with a trusty sweater to warm you up for the holidays. To experiment a bit, why not wrap your scarf around your waist instead of your neck and turn it into a cute skirt?

Holiday Fashion 20

Knit Sweater, Flattering Tops; shorts and shoes, model’s own.

Be sexy while feeling cool with a knit sweater. Show off your gams with some high-waisted shorts. Can’t take the cold? Wear skinny jeans instead.

Manic Vintage sells Vintage-Retro types of clothing, for the urban styles perfect for metro people. Their clothes are comfy, with various prints to choose from. You can just wear their items and be basic yet stay in trend.

Facebook: Manic Vintage

Stay stylish throughout the holidays and breeze through your poses. It’s nice to have something beautiful to remind you of this year’s holiday, yes? 🙂