8 Chic Fashion Blogger #OOTD Ideas for the Holidays

When in Manila, you could tell by the worsening traffic jams that the holidays are here once again. It’s often the busiest time of the year, so dressing up should be fun and fuss-free. We chose eight outfits from some of our favorite fashion bloggers. Hopefully, these give you outfit pegs for the holidays. Of course, it’s extra fun to add your own personal twist to these outfits–so feel free to do so and let us know your ideas in the comment section below!


Fashion Bloggers 3

Photo from www.kryzuy.com (@kryzzzie)

Fashion blogger Kryz Uy looks extra tall and sophisticated donning printed pants and high heels. The pastel-colored top, bag, and heels balance out her printed pants. As always, she looks effortlessly elegant.


Fashion Bloggers 4

Photo from www.kryzuy.com (@kryzzzie)

Who would have thought that a seemingly loose-fitting blazer would still make you look put together? Outfits that don’t cling to your body mean you don’t have to worry about what to wear on buffets.


Fashion Bloggers 6

Photo from Laureen Uy (@laureenmuy)

This is one of my favorite outfits from Laureen! It’s so classy and sexy at the same time. Perfect for days when you have to work and then attend a party afterwards.


Fashion Bloggers 5

Photo from Laureen Uy (@laureenmuy)

Here’s a fuss-free outfit from Laureen, perfect for casual days out with friends and family.


Fashion Bloggers 7

Photo from Camille Co (@itscamilleco)

Denim looks casual, but Camille manages to look put together–possibly because of the matching top and bottom. If you’re traveling for the holidays, this is an ideal outfit.


Fashion Bloggers 8

Photo from Camille Co (@itscamilleco)

This is yet another matching top and bottom combo for when you travel to warm places.


Fashion Bloggers 2

Photo from Vern Enciso (www.vernverniece.com)

Vern Enciso’s classic top and bottom look more glamorous because of the necklaces she donned. The customizable heart locket is from Sweet Charms Manila.


Fashion Bloggers 1

Photo from Verniece Enciso (www.vernverniece.com)

Verniece’s simple outfit looks suited for the holidays because of the shiny gold skirt. Overall, the rest of her outfit is classic, and the long charm necklace (similar to Vern’s, also from Sweet Charms Manila) made her look complete.

Fashion Blogger Verniece Enciso

Photo from Verniece Enciso (www.vernverniece.com)

This post was made in collaboration with Sweet Charms Manila. They have agreed to give away 1 heart locket with 5 charms and will deliver it straight to your doorstep! (As long as you live in the Philippines. :)) All you have to do is to share follow them on Instagram, like their Facebook page, and comment below to indicate that you have joined. The winner will be announced on December 30.

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Sweet Charms Manila

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