3 Fun Tools that Can Make Bullet Journaling More Fun

Are you into bullet journaling? I don’t know about you; but the more creative freedom that comes with the art, the more creative I want to get with it. As such, I find myself constantly looking for new tools to be able to express my imagination and to also to have more fun during the whole bullet journaling process.

I’ve talked to some of my favorite online artists about three tools that I’ve personally been eyeing and here’s what they had to say about them:

Stabilo Point88

20-year-old Martha (@marthasjournal) is an engineering student who started bullet journaling at the beginning of 2017 to keep herself on top of things. She shares that her pages were plain, simple and practical during the first months; but then she started getting more creative with her spreads – and man, do we love them!

Martha shares that she has been using Stabilo Point 88 pens even before bullet journaling to take notes in school. “I love the point 88s because the fine tip is just right,” she explains. “I also love the wide color range from pastel to neon to dark. The design looks really nice, too, and they’re comfortable to use.”

Zig Kuratake Cocoiro

Thinz Maderazo (@momithinz0131) is a full-time mom to three little boys who loves to write, copy notes and songs, or anything that she can write. She started to do lettering since she was in grade school, and her work is absolutely divine! Check out this video of her using the Zig Kuratake Cocoiro:

Thinz explains that the Zig Kuratake Cocoiro has a pointed tip that’s flexible making it easy to achieve thick lines when writing, which is why she has an easy time doing calligraphy with it. Since the tip of this pen is smaller compared to the usual brush pens used for calligraphy, it is perfect for small spaces like bullet journals. “Plus, it doesn’t bleed through the paper,” adds Thinz. “And since it is small, I can keep it in a small bag and do calligraphy wherever I go.”

If you want to try using the Zig Kuratake Cocoiro in your bullet journal, Thinz recommends holding it at a 45-degree angle, so you can achieve thick lines without damaging the tip of the pen. “Then, just use heavy pressure when writing downstroke and light pressure on upstrokes.” She also recommends doing drills and joining lettering challenges on Instagram for practice.

Rotring Smart Set

Mark Dean Lim (@markdeanlim) is an artist who uses watercolor and gouache in his works that typically involve mandalas, portraits and floral typography, all of which are stunningly beautiful.

If you aren’t much of an artist like me, then Rotring might not be the first brand to come to mind for your bullet journaling needs. After all, Rotring has always been a go-to brand for tech pens for art. However, Mark agress that it could be good for journaling, as well, as the ink will take a long time to fade. This means that whenever you want to go back to something you have written way back before, you can still read it.

If you decide you want to go down the Rotring route, Mark suggests getting one of their new sets: the Creative Set or the Smart Set, so you can try different tools and see the difference. “I especially like their mechanical pencils as they are sturdy and have this classic design,” he shares.

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How about you? What are your favorite tools to use when bullet journaling? Share your bullet journal spreads with us! 😀