3 Basic Dubbing Tips From Kojie Morales

The Best of Anime 2018 was a blast! In fact, it was the best anime convention I’ve been to so far. Well, okay… it’s the only anime convention I’ve been to so far, but you could see how much fun everyone was having.

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Most people came to the event to cosplay (naturally).

Even if you’re not a cosplayer, though, and simply love anime or are just looking for some fun, you could get lost in all of the fun things to do there.

Best of Anime 2018

There were discounts at the game station and the place was loaded with gamers.

The Best of Anime 1

Some people rummaged through countless anime merchandise and cosplay equipment. After all, you don’t get to find these stalls everyday.

BOA 2018 wasn’t just about otakus and their desire to dress like their favorite anime characters, either; it was about all things anime.

When you watch an anime, you normally get lost in the characters and the storyline, not to mention the endless plot twists (which makes anime so addicting). You forget about what’s going on behind the scenes – everything that makes an anime possible. BOA 2018 captured it perfectly, though.

Best of Anime 2018 2

Kojie Morales, one of the best dubbers in the Philippines, was there at BOA 2018 to say a few words about dubbing in the anime industry.

What makes the dubbing industry that makes it a great field to get into? Well, the industry is small. Anyone of just about anyone knows each other. Making connections is an easy thing to do. In fact, Kojie encourages dubbing enthusiasts to give it a shot. Hopefully, his tips on dubbing will help aspiring dubbers get into shape for the future.

It’s About Getting into Character.

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Voice acting gives life to animation. You could have some of the best animators in the world and they still wouldn’t be able to come up with an anime masterpiece without fine voice acting. Voice acting gives character to anime.

When you dub, your job is to get into character. You need to imitate how the original voicing was done, but in your own language because that’s the whole point of dubbing: translation.

You Need to Disappear into the Character.

It’s not about getting your voice to stand out. In fact, the goal in dubbing is to create a version that’s unnoticeable. You can only consider a dub to be good if you can’t tell the difference between the original and the dubbed version.

You Can’t Go By Filipino Time.

It’s not just about the dubbing talent. There’s also a whole team responsible for the whole project. So, you act together. If one of you is missing, the project cannot go on. Teamwork, punctuality, these are just some of the things that you’ll learn when you get into the dubbing industry.

Are you interested in becoming a dubber? Which anime would you love to dub?