3 Days In Phuket, Thailand: A Visual Marathon With The 7-Eleven Run 1500 Pinoy Delegates

 When in Manila Phuket, the sights of the city is definitely a visual treat!

I very recently had a chance to travel to Phuket, Thailand. The three day trip was spent in the company of nine talented athletes. 7-Eleven’s Run 1500 winners were sent to Thailand to compete in the Laguna Phuket International Marathon, said to be “Asia’s most popular family-friendly destination marathon.”   

Note: The post is divided into three segments:

Day 1- Patong Paragon Hotel & Patong Beach, Phuket

Day 2- Laguna Phuket International Marathon, Phuket Tiger Kingdom, Rang Hill 

Day 3- Promthep Cape & Wat Chalong 


Day 1- Patong Paragon Hotel & Patong Beach, Phuket


The group, composed of nine athletes and the 7-Eleven team, arrived 2 nights before the actual marathon’s scheduled date. We touched down on Phuket at past 10 in the evening and spent the night at Patong Paragon Hotel. The next morning we were fully rested from the trip and ready to take on the day.


After spending the morning visiting the marathon grounds, the rest of the day was left to us to explore the island and the hotel. Patong Paragon is a 4 star hotel complete with comfy accommodations and a beautiful pool area (pictured above). The best part is that it is 3 minutes away from the actual beach– it is literally across the street and an intersection from the shore.

TIP: Free wifi is available everywhere except for a few places, the hotel being one of them. It is available, however, with a fee. 



TIP: The city is “right hand drive,” be careful to remember to look right before left when crossing the street!

It is a small bustling city with shopping opportunities at every corner and restaurants and massage places at every turn. Usual establishments like 7-Eleven’s, McDonalds, and even Starbucks can be found there. What I found surprising is how across the street from one lane you find this: 


The beautiful Patong beach is just across the road from the busy town. When you think about it though, it makes perfect sense as the province consists of so many breathtaking beaches.


A great idea would be to spend an afternoon lazing about in one of the many restaurants by the beach with a beautiful view accompanied by a good Thai meal. The cuisine is constantly very spicy but also very, very good.

TIP: When in Thailand, try the Tom Yum Soup and fresh coconuts.


Phuket’s skyline is very beautiful when the sun is setting, one of the prettiest I’ve seen.


Photo by Cheryl Golangco of Little Running Teacher


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