3 Days In Phuket, Thailand: A Visual Marathon With The 7-Eleven Run 1500 Pinoy Delegates

Day 3- Promthep Cape & Wat Chalong 

The third day’s itinerary started off with the famous Promthep cape at the southernmost tip of Phuket. The view was breathtaking, as is with most places we have visited so far. 


Countless elephant statues line this buddhist elephant shrine that can be found at the cape.


Our runners and said elephants.


The second stop was the Giant Buddha. Standing (well, in this case, sitting) at 45 meters, the Giant Buddha is a majestic structure that overlooks Chalong Bay. It is said that the funds used to build the structure come entirely from donations. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take photos of the buddha since it started raining when we got there. Our tour guide tells us that this is typical Phuket weather: unpredictable.

TIP: Ladies wearing shorts are advised to wear a sarong to the venue. There is a stall that will lend you the sarongs free of charge on the way in.


The final sightseeing stop was the Wat Chalong Temple which is one of the most important temples on Phuket. The site is dedicated to Luang Poh Cham who inspired the people to fight the Chinese during the Chinese Coolie Rebellion of 1876.

TIP: You are required to take your shoes off when entering the temples so wear slippers or something easy to remove



The temples in the complex are beautiful. The unique architecture and the intricate design are a handful to look at.

TIP: There are stores in the complex that make for good souvenir shopping


Our last day ended with detours to the t-shirt factory, the Pornthip market, and the outlet stores for last minute shopping before we headed to the airport to leave.

All in all, it was a pretty great trip. What made it memorable, however, were meeting these athletes and getting to know their individual stories. Never have I met such a humble, talented, and hardworking bunch. I am proud of your successes and happy to have had that Phuket adventure with you! It was a great experience in a beautiful place with beautiful people. 

(I will also be posting an article on tips for beginner runners from these elite runners soon. Watch out for that!)


The 7-Eleven Run 1500 delegates at the Phuket Marathon; Photo Credit: Laguna Phuket Marathon Facebook page

 When in Manila Phuket, make sure you get to enough of their great beaches, and great scenery. It’s a great vacation spot with so much to do and so much to see. I, myself, plan on coming back in the future to experience more of what Phuket has to offer.

Have you visited Phuket? What places do you suggest tourists visit? Let us know in the comment section below!