3 Cute Planners You Can Enter 2020 With

Design Your Life (DYL) by C&S Designs has been slaying inspirational planners since 2008. And every year, their cutesy design and adulting functionalities never fail to deliver. This 2020, their planner/scrapbook/diary/tracker concept never gets old.

For the followers of Design Your Life, the only decision left is which design to buy for the new year: the flexible Limitless Planner, the basic but fun Back to Basics, or the flagship Design Your Life Planner. Here are a few things to help you weigh which Design Your Life planner suits your style for the upcoming year.

3 Cute Planners You Can Enter 2020 With

Limitless Planner (8.25″ X 8.5”)

IMG 8237

This undated planner enables you to plan WHENever and HOWever you want, making you limitless.

IMG 8093

This planner is content-driven as the minimalist layout helps you focus on your PLANS more.

IMG 8094

The scratch-proof cover lets you carry on with your plans in different walks of your life.It won’t hold you back.

IMG 8086

IMG 8090

As always, power phrases are DYL’s thing. Get motivated by encouraging words with every turn of the page of this Limitless Planner.

Back to Basics Planner (8.5” x 8.5”)

DYL 2020

This planner is for the work-play balance types.

IMG 8244

The color palette will keep you in the basics without keeping you out of the fun.

DYL 2020

It has a vertical everyday layout for the listicle type.

IMG 0767 copy

This gives you a visually nice spread of your whole week as you compare your every day side by side.

IMG 8292

The Back to Basics planner calls you to take care of your wellness with a sleep tracker and water intake tracker.

Design Your Life Planner (6.75″ x 7.75”)

IMG 8311

This planner is the flagship design of Design Your Life.

DYL 2020

This is for those who like to keep things fresh and fun.

DYL 2020

Who can resist these monthly cutesy layouts?

(See a detailed layout comparison of the DYL Planners here: Comparing Design Your Life Planner 2020)

DYL 2020

Aside from the cute bookmark that comes free with the three planners, this DYL planner has cute laminated tabs to help you easily maneuver to your desired pages.

DYL 2020

Design Your Life Planner can’t stop being cute because they are giving away two planners. Click here to join:

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Design Your Life Planner

Website: https://www.cnsdesigns.com.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DesignYourLifePlanner

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