3 Alternative Ways To Enjoy Summer

Summer (or the dry season) is one of the anticipated seasons of the year. This is the time when most of us are in vacation mode. Oftentimes, we use this season to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate.

Ahavia maria Clara

An interesting piece of detail in Ahavia Lounge Spa. 

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t appreciate the heat, don’t fret, as you can still experience the summer feels with these 3 alternative ways.

Are you ready? Here we go:

3. Body / Foot Scrub

Ahavia Maria Clara

Body or foot scrubs are essential nowadays due to our stressful lifestyle. As what experts and wellness advocates say, we need detoxification to flush out bad toxins. At Ahavia Spa Lounge, their scrubs services help detoxify by removing any bad blockages in our skin to rejuvenate.

In case you’re wondering, Ahavia offers two of their best scrubs services:

  1. Silky milky Scrub – this helps whiten dark spots, exfoliates, and moisturizes our skin.
  2. Botanical Scrub – this has antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals and helps keep the skin elastic.

2. Massage

Admit it: everything is literally just a tap away. We are more comfortable sitting than walking. As a result, we develop a sedentary lifestyle.

Massage, in its simplest form, isn’t only for relaxation purposes, it’s also a form of treatment.


“We have to remember that our body is designed to move and not to sit,” says Krystine, Ahavia Maria Clara branch owner. 

And because most of us are office-based, we complain about frozen shoulders, backache, and worse, the carpal tunnel. These body problems are due to poor blood circulation.

With that in mind, Ahavia Spa Lounge offers various massage services like 50% off their VIP rooms for every purchase of a 2-hour massage.

Ahavia Maria Clara

This is Ahavia Maria Clara’s VIP room. Perfect for couples with or without children. 

Enjoy Ahavia’s Summer Experience promos! See below details:

The Ahavia Summer experience

If you prefer to stay in Manila this Holy Week, swing by the nearest Ahavia branch that offers the Summer Experience promo. According to their Facebook page, they are open Maundy Thursday until 9 pm and will be closed on Friday. Normal operations will resume on Saturday and Sunday.

The Ahavia Summer Experience promo will run the whole month of April to May 31, 2017, at selected branches namely Ahavia Lounge Spa – UP Village, Ahavia Lounge Spa – Ma. Clara QC, Ahavia Lounge Spa – Katipunan, Ahavia Lounge Spa – Marcos Highway, Ahavia Lounge Spa – C. Raymundo, Ahavia Lounge Spa – Manila, Ahavia Lounge Spa – Visayas Ave. QC, and Ahavia Lounge Spa – Angono for the complete #AhaviaSummerExperience

1. Meditate

Ahavia Ma Clara

One vital reason why I love meditating is the flexibility for me to rethink and reassess life. It prevents me from going postal! :)

When all else fails, mediate.

This is what’s lacking nowadays: reflecting on our surroundings. We must reflect on things that have impacted our lives. In fact, studies show that meditating and listening to music are proven to effectively lessen our anxieties.

Realistically, we often forget to sit back, relax, and rekindle with the things we really love doing.

Ahavia Maria Clara

Let’s not forget: love yourself first and everything will follow.

Ultimately, summer is here for us to enjoy the best things in life: family, friends, and yourself.

If you have nowhere else to go this Holy Week, choose to fill your empty tanks by investing in your body, mind, and soul.

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