28 Cavalry: An Upscale Barbershop for Gents in Ortigas

Men are becoming more and more concerned about their looks. They need to look good so they can confidently go about their everyday lives. Part of looking good is having a nice hairstyle; however, some might have trouble finding the time to visit a barbershop.

A haircut usually takes around an hour to do – not necessarily because of the actual haircut, but because of other factors, such as deciding on which haircut to get, transferring to and from the hair wash station, and cleaning up afterwards. Luckily, one barbershop in The Podium is ready to provide quick and quality services for gents. Welcome to 28 Cavalry.

28 Cavalry Barber Shop 1

28 Cavalry is a London-inspired barbershop/coffee shop located on the 4th floor of The Podium. They are committed to giving each customer the royal treatment by providing an excellent grooming experience in a sophisticated atmosphere while valuing their time at the same time. With their London-esque neighborhood cafe facade, curated jazz playlist, and slick interiors; you will surely feel like a fine, dapper Englishman afterwards.

(Complete your dapper look by wearing elegant, customized shoes!)

28 Cavalry Barber Shop 5

Their signature service, the Cavalry Cut, is a whole experience in itself. Only lasting 45 minutes tops, you will also be given a hot towel facial, a short body massage, pomade hair styling, and your drink of choice (a cup of specialty coffee, a glass of juice, or tea). If you think those services are already common in barbershops, here’s what makes them stand out even more:

The Hairstyle Choices

28 Cavalry Barber Shop 4

Prior to your haircut, you can save time thinking about which hairstyle to get by viewing different hairstyle choices on an iPad from their counter. This iPad has a wide range of trendy hairstyles in it – both for classic and modern looks. While waiting for your turn, you can choose a style and simply relay it to your barber once you get seated. This saves a lot of time thinking and talking to your barber about the specifics, to be honest!

A One-Seat Experience

28 Cavalry Barber Shop 13

This is the part that I really like about 28 Cavalry: once you take a seat, you won’t have to stand up anymore. Unlike other barbershops where you stand up to go to the hair wash station, you will locate the sink right in front of you. This eliminates the act of standing up and waiting on others for your turn at the communal seat.

Imagine the beauty of it: you just sit; get your hair cut, washed, and styled; and even get a relaxing facial and body massage. Then voila, you’re good to go!

*28 Cavalry also specializes in treatments such as anti-dandruff, anti-hair fall, and even manicures and pedicures.

Work While Working on a Look

28 Cavalry Barber Shop 9

Most of the people around The Podium (or Ortigas, for that matter) are working professionals. They answer emails, SMS, and the like to coordinate with their clients/business partners. At 28 Cavalry, they understand this lifestyle, so they have an iPad for customers to use while they enjoy their one-seat experience. You don’t even have to put your hands outside the cloak just to use the iPad because their cape has a transparent middle portion for you to easily see and use the iPad. Talk about convenience!

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The combination of this and the fact that you don’t have to stand up anymore truly supports the work-on-the-go way of life.

28 Cavalry Barber Shop 3

That all takes around 45 minutes max, so you can be sure that you’ll be ready to get back to your work grind without any hair all over. To top it all off, you can avail of your drink of choice if you haven’t yet. If you get the Cut of Kings, you’ll even get to avail of their specialty cocktails for free.

Their in-house coffee shop is another highlight. Since they want to serve working professionals even if they don’t get a haircut, they have a counter at the storefront.

28 Cavalry Barber Shop 16

If you want to get a feel for this A1 grooming experience, visit 28 Cavalry where #ChivalryLives. They are open daily during mall hours (11 AM to 10 PM).

Time is precious and you don’t have to waste a single minute of it here. Work away, gents!

28 Cavalry

4th Level, The Podium, 18 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/28cavalryph

Instagram: @28cavalry

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