Filipino Restaurants in Podium: Cafe de Bonifacio


WHEN IN MANILA and looking for a good Filipino restaurant in Ortigas Area, check out CAFE DE BONIFACIO in Podium Mall.



(L-R) Alfredo Wenceslao (Owner) and Chef Rodrigo “Ogie” Reloj (Head Chef)


Cafe De Bonifacio serves “revolutionized” Filipino food by preparing the dishes in elevated standards. This way, Mr. Wenceslao hopes to make us Filipinos be more proud of our roots and our food.


Ensaladang Talong (Php 149)


We all loved this – we loved the delicate mix of the smokey eggplant, onions and salted egg.


Lumpiang Hubad in Pastry Cups (Php 120)


What a fun way to eat lumpiang ubod! Stir-fried veggies served in a crispy open pastry cups. Yum!


Sinigang na Tadyang ng Baka (Php 385)


This beef sinigang is totally different from the usual Filipino sinigang that we’ve been exposed to. It contains blue ginger (galanggal) and kaffir lime which contributed to the “Tom Yum” taste 🙂 It was really good!


Crispy to the Bone Hito ni Ka Freddie (Php 358)


This is a must try! I loved how Cafe De Bonifacio filleted the crispy catfish, with chunky cut meats ready for popping to our hungry mouths – only after dipping it in the very special “pinakurat” Cebuano vinegar.


Mango and Latik Roti (Php 145)


Ube and Macapuno Roti (Php 145)


I was never a fan of ube nor macapuno but I didn’t know that these  ingredients could be so yummy when paired with a good roti bread.


WHEN IN MANILA, don’t forget to check out Cafe De Bonifacio in Podium Mall and be amazed at “revolutionized” Filipino cuisine.



Level 5 (cinema-level)

Podium Mall
Ortigas Center, Pasig City


Facebook: Cafe De Bonifacio


Contact Number: 636-1407



WhenInManila photos by JoTan23


Filipino Restaurants in Podium: Cafe de Bonifacio

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