25 Upcoming Anime Shows and Movies This 2020 You Can’t Miss

It’s looking out to be a great year for anime fans this year with all the new series, films, and sequels lined up for 2020. Here are just some of them!

25. Beastars

Beastars is a popular manga set in a world of modern, civilized, anthropomorphic animals with a cultural divide between the carnivores and herbivores. But after Tem, the alpaca, gets brutally murdered and devoured in the night, a wave of unease and distrust settles between a group of carnivore and herbivore students, complicating things for Legoshi, a timid wolf, who starts developing feelings for Haru, a small dwarf rabbit.

Out on Netflix March 13.

24. Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone

This upcoming film under the Pretty Cure franchise is definitely going to be a riot! It’s set to be a crossover film featuring all the current Pretty Cure characters from HUGtto! Pretty Cure and onward. For avid fans of the franchise, you’re not gonna want to miss this!

Out on March 20.

23. The Quintessential Quintuplets 2nd Season

The Nakano quintuplets and their tutor Fuutarou Uesugi are making a comeback this year with a second season. Could this be the season where we find out who among the quintuplets Fuutarou eventually marries in the future?

Out later this year.

22. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU: 3rd Season

Rejoice, fans of the My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU—the long wait is finally over! After the second season left us with a major cliffhanger in 2015, the anime is finally answering all our questions. For those who are unfamiliar with the series, it follows the story of Hachiman Hikigaya, an isolated student content with his monotonous life, who is coerced into joining the school’s “Services Club.”

Out on April 9.

21. IDOLiSH7: Second BEAT!

Multimedia idol raising franchise, IDOLiSH7, is getting a sequel this year with a whole new set of adventures for your favorite idol group.

Out on April 2020.

20. BNA: Brand New Animal

A new television series, BNA: Brand New Animal will be set in the 21st century where the world uncovers the existence of humanoid animals who have been living in the darkness for centuries. Michiru, a high school student, suddenly turns into a tanuki (raccoon) and runs away to seek refuge in Anima City where she meets a wolf person named Ogami Shiro who helps her find out why she turned into a humanoid animal.

Out on April 2020.

19. Dorohedoro

This new show is an upcoming Netflix series adapted from Q Hayashida’s popular manga of the same name. Dorohedoro takes place in a post-apocalyptic city called the Hole, where humans are frequently preyed on and experimented on by sorcerers with magic. Caiman, a man with a lizard head who can no longer remember the life he once lived, embarks on a mission to find the sorcerer who cursed him.

Out on Netflix in Winter 2020.

18. Fruits Basket Season 2

After becoming one of the best animes of 2019, the remake of the beloved 2001 series, Fruits Basket, is coming back this year with a second season! Fruits Basket follows the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who finds home in the household of the Sohmas, whose all twelve members are possessed by the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Out on April 2020.

17. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Despite the weird title (and even weirder premise), this anime series is actually well-liked by so many fans that it is getting a sequel this year. For those unfamiliar, it follows the story of Satoru Mikami, a corporate worker living in Tokyo, who gets reincarnated as a slime in a mysterious world after getting murdered by an unknown assailant. Having new-found skills, Satoru now embarks on an exciting journey to prove his worth.

Out in Fall 2020.

16. Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet

Are you ready for the 24th movie in the Detective Conan franchise? This upcoming film follows Conan uncover the mystery behind the kidnappings of famous tournament sponsors of the world’s largest sports festival, “WSG-World Sports Games,” and the connection between them and the FBI.

Out on April 17.

15. Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens

As the franchise celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, Yu-Gi-Oh! is also premiering a new anime movie! It is set in the not-so-distant future in Goha City which is governed by its largest corporation, “Goha Corp.” Yuga Oudou, who attends Goha Seventh Elementary, decides to change this world with the Seventh Road Magician he wields.

Out on April 2020.

14. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III

Popular fantasy adventure series DanMachi will be getting a third season this year and will continue the story of Bell Cranel who aspires to become a prominent adventurer while trying to make his goddess, Hestia, proud.

Out on July 2020.

13. Japan Sinks: 2020

This upcoming Netflix animated film is an adaptation fo the 1973 disaster novel of the same name written by Sakyo Komatsu. It follows the story of the Muto family who desperately navigates a country that’s thrown into complete mayhem amidst a natural disaster. This adaptation will be set directly after the Tokyo Olympic Games in the Summer. A lot of people have high expectations for this film especially with Masaaki Yuasa, who created the brilliant Devilman Crybaby, helming it.

Out on Netflix later this year.

12. The Promised Neverland: 2nd Season

A season two of The Promised Neverland is coming this year and it’s most likely going to be just as emotionally intense as the first one. This show follows a group of orphans who find out their orphanage is actually a human farm and eventually escape it to save their lives.

Out on October 2020.

11. Fire Force Season 2

Thanks to the public clamor for a second season of Fire Force, we’re getting a sequel much sooner than expected! If you’ve never heard of the show, it is set in Tokyo in the year 198 of the Age of the Sun wherein citizens suddenly burst into flames because of the devils that dwell among them. It’s up to the Pyrofighters to stop this phenomenon.

Out on Summer 2020.

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