25 Pinoys Reveal The Deal-Breaking Moments With Their Dates

We’ve all been there before: sometimes you think a date or your relationship is going really well, and then BAM: they say or do something that just really, really turns you off.

We asked our When In Manila readers to weigh in on their deal-breaking experiences with their dates that made them decide, waley.

The hipster

 “I don’t watch GOT. I think it’s too mainstream.” – Lina

The user-friendly ex

“Miss ko pa rin si ex.” sabay, “Pahiram naman ng 3k, pambayad lang sa credit card.” – Dana

Watch your language!

“You shouldn’t curse. Girls are supposed to act nice and sweet. Cursing isn’t attractive.” I told him, “Are you f*cking kidding me?” – Bea

When you know you’re GG: a Girl Gamer

 This guy didn’t want to play DOTA with me because I was a girl. – Joey

Open-minded ka ba?

Niyaya ko ng date yung high school crush ko. College na ako noon so may pang-date na ako. Sabi ko, “Tara, date tayo”, tapos nagulat ako na pumayag siya. Sabi niya, mag-meet daw kami sa Megamall. Noong nandoon na kami, dinala niya ako sa UNO, sabay sabi niya “Sali ka sa networking namin!” Ang sama ng loob ko noong araw na yan. – Jose

Nutritionist daw siya

We ate at Burger King, and this guy insisted that onions had negative calories so it’s okay to eat lots of onion rings. Also, he kept on saying that Burger King was so unhealthy, pero sya naman namili na doon kumain. – Ellie

Scream Queens lang ang peg?

One night, we were just talking and I told him that my friend joined a sorority. He replied, “Oh? Sayang naman.” I asked, ”Sayang? Why sayang?” And he goes “Because all sorority girls are sluts.” So I asked, “So if I joined a sorority, you’d think I’m a slut?” He said yes, and then acted cold towards me for even putting “me” and “sorority” in the same sentence. Apparently, he’s a dumbass who believes in the sorority stereotypes in Hollywood movies. We broke up soon after that. – Patty

Chivalry is dead

I noticed how he would lean down on his food, chew really loud with his mouth open. He also didn’t help me when I was clearly struggling to open the really heavy door of the restaurant. He just watched me struggle.  #ItsNotYouItsMeJustKiddingItsYou – Maine

Um, what?

One time, grabe yung naging away namin. Tapos sinabihan ako ng “You don’t have the guts to leave and break up with me kasi ako lang ang meron ka. Your parents aren’t together na.” Right there and then I ended it. – Grace

No love for Hugh Jackman

A guy I dated a few times went completely berserk when I told him I liked The Wolverine movie. The one that’s supposed to be the origin movie. He said the portrayal of Wolverine in that film was all wrong, not canon, all that jazz. He blocked me on FB, never spoke to me again, and ditched our previously paid-for plans. – Len

The guy who’s out of the ball game

Strike 1 was when he asked, “What language do they speak in the U.K.? Ukrainian?”

Strike 2 was when we had a date and I asked him for a rain check. He replied with “It’s not raining.”

Strike 3 was when he cheated on me. #betyoudidntseethatonecoming – Anj

The elitist

“Poor people are poor because wala silang diskarte.”

UM. NO. We ended up arguing in front of our lasagna roll in Banapple. – Lulu

The one who’s stuck in the 18th century

He told me that if we get married, I’ll just stay at home and take care of the kids. I wanna pursue my career and I don’t want kids. Also, he was trying to control my life as in what I wear, what I do, where I go and who I’m with. – Yza

Gaganda daw buhay niya, eh

He voted for Binay. – Marj

The body shamer

He kept telling me I was too fat and insisted I go on a diet. I was 110 lbs at 5’6″ then. – Jen

E ‘di, ikaw na!

“I only date MDs but a PhD would do.” At that moment, I just smiled, paid the bill and walked out. Didn’t call or text him back. – Nick

Waaaaay too clingy

My barkada’s Christmas party was coming up. Since I was the only one in a relationship at the time, my friends requested to keep the gathering among us. The ex asked via text if she can come, I explained the matter nicely, then nagalit siya sa’kin. Then sabi niya, “Sana hindi ko kayo hinayaan na maging okay ng mga kaibigan mo. Kung hindi siguro nangyari yun, sa’kin lahat ng atensyon mo.” Broke it off right then and there via text. – Tracy

And that’s how you mansplain things

We were talking about the oppression of women and how even up to this day we are experiencing it in different forms and on a regular basis, and he answered: “Don’t you think the core reason is the fact na babae kayo?” – Jane

The career-insecure

I’m a photographer, and the guy I dated was also a photographer. I kept on getting gigs but he didn’t. He never even tried to apply for anything, yet he kept on complaining that no one wants to get him, and always looks for my pity. Even if he’d always praise me for getting gigs, it was really obvious that he was trying to make me feel guilty about them. Like he wanted me to adjust and just be “chill” about my passion. – Nelissa

The apologist

She shared this long-old Marcos conspiracy theory on Facebook. I had to know if she actually believes that so I asked her. Found out she was a Marcos apologist. – Anton

‘Yung merong ibang sense of geography

I administered a standardized adult intelligence test to this guy I was dating back in college. First question was: Where does the sun rise? 

While oozing with confidence, he answered : “North. Kasi pataas yung direction ng araw.”

Ewan ko kung sinisikatan pa sya ng araw, di na kasi kami nagkita after that session. – Alex

When you know it’s not happening

He said he wouldn’t get married until there’s a Ferrari parked in his garage. I disappeared. – Edie

The one who clearly knows everything

This person criticized my industry and said anyone can do it. “You know fashion, anyone can make a shirt.” – Ria

Too much school pride

I’m from FEU and he’s from Ateneo. He told me “I love my school cause my school is better than yours.” – Ana

Can you relate to some of these? Do you have an experience of your own? Share your thoughts with us!


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