25 Filipino TikTok Influencers We Love

Without a doubt, the amount of Filipino users on TikTok spiked significantly during quarantine, thanks to people’s boredom at home. If you’re looking for new people to follow on TikTok, here are some of our favorites that you should check out.

25 Filipino TikTok Users You Should Follow

25. Mikyle Quizon (@realmikylequizon)

@realmikylequizoni’m trying my best to make ya’ll smile hahaha

♬ 3 Vets – 7kofc

Although fairly new to TikTok, Mikyle Quizon has been keeping smiles on our faces during the quarantine with his energy and hilariousness. We love his ability to laugh at himself and just have a ton of fun. He also posts home workout videos on TikTok – and we love those! We love Sophie (who often joins his videos), too!

23. Angel Merced (@theangelmerced)

@theangelmerced##duet with @Charlie Puth and that’s on listening comprehension

♬ I’m Yer Dad – GRLwood

Angel Merced jumps onto every kind of TikTok trend you may come across: from duets to dances to tutorials, while sharing parts of her personal life, including quarantine recipes, and her family and pets.

22. Miko Carreon (@mikocarreon822)

@mikocarreon822Hyping myself up after cleaning my room! Haha! ##fyp ##foryourpage ##tiktokph ##hypeman♬ original sound – yungdaddycack

If you’re looking for fitspiration and dancespiration, then Miko Carreon is the person to follow. He posts his home workouts on his account, as well as legit dance videos. Miko’s a dancer in real life, after all!

21. Bob Jbeili (@bobjbeili)

@bobjbeili“Ano nga ulit yung my heart went oop” ##lamiaabilitàafareitiktok♬ original sound – Bob Jbeili

For comedic TikTok videos, follow Bob Jbeili. His dubs are hilarious, but he also posts song covers. What you should really check out, though, are his impressions of characters like The Joker and Bane.

20. Jay Wee (@chaywee)

@chayweePUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT ? ##stayathome ##flattenthecurve ##extendedenhancedcommunityquarantine ##tiktokph ##artengpinoy ##fyp♬ original sound – Ice Arago ?

Jay Wee’s dubs give us so much life! They are downright hilarious and we love the different personas injected into each video. If you’re looking for a laugh or two, this is the account to follow!

19. Aljon Salonga (@aljonsalonga_)


Pushups anyone? ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryourpage ##pushups ##challenge

♬ Hips Dont Lie by Shakira – goalsounds

Aljon Salonga injects workouts in his TikTok videos in creative ways, adding them as parts of comedy and even making use of TikTok trends while working out. Most importantly, he has made use of TikTok to teach home workouts during quarantine – talk about fitspiration!

19. Dawn Nicole Macandili (@dawnmacandili)

@dawnmacandiliShuta ka ate… ##duet with @Now United♬ Gimme Some – global.jones

In case you didn’t know, volleyball player Dawn Nicole Macandili is on TikTok, where she serves dance videos with her sister, as well as recipes that you can replicate at home. Of course, she splashes some comedy into the mix, as well.

18. Daniella Roi (@daniellaroi)


♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Daniella Roi also uses TikTok for comedic skits, puns and relatable content. She also uses the platform as a type of personal blog, sharing personal tidbits and advocating for happiness and kindness.

17. Anj Rodriguez (@lilmisswonderwoman)


How to say “I’m drunk” in 7 different languages ? ##artengpilipinocomedy ##multilingual ##foryou ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – Anj Rodriguez

Anj Rodriguez has a mix of different content on her TikTok account – from meme videos to TikTok dances to other relatable and comedic videos. However, what really seems to hook her audience are her multilingual videos where she uses all of the different languages she has learned from living all over the world.

16. David Guison (@davidguison)


kasya naman eh… ? ##davidguison

♬ original sound – suzyjonesmusic

Just as David Guison is funny on his vlog, Instagram stories, and real life; so he is on his TikTok account. His meme videos are downright hilarious and we love how he stays true to himself in every single one. Follow him for laughs and relatable content!

15. Gee Canlas (@msgeecanlas)


Buti girl ako ? ##gentiktokph ##loveinthetimeofcorona ##tiktokphilippines ##boredinthehouse ##enjoyathome ##geeontiktok ##fyp ##foryoupage ##tiktokph

♬ giyumi kiyumi part1 – @Dards Allosa

Gee Canlas is a comedy queen even outside of TikTok, so it isn’t really surprising why she is on this list. What we love most about her TikTok account is how her husband and son are oftentimes part of her videos, making it a family affair.

14. Jae Miranda (@jae.miranda)


Virtual Boyfriend Episode 10: “Nagpagupit si babe” ##Duet or ##React niyo please ??

♬ original sound – jae.miranda

Need some kilig in your life? Then this is the account for you. Self-dubbed as “Your Virtual Boyfriend”, Jae Miranda posts point of view videos pretending to be, well, your virtual boyfriend. He has videos talking to the screen for when you need some cheering up, for example, and videos where he asks you which look looks better on him.

13. Juarlito Costales (@juarlitopower)


##pov SINABI NG MAMA MO “MAG SAPATOS KA MUNA PARA ISAMA KITA” TAPOS BIGLA KA TINAKASAN SCAM? ##funny ##foryourpage ##crazityvityfam ##fyp ##memes


We love Juarlito’s relatable content, from poking fun at real-life situations to just being over-the-top hilarious. Trust us: if you’re looking for good vibes, this is the TikTok account to follow.

12. Fynest China (@fynestchina)


i literally almost ate shit ? ##fyp ##foryoupage ##tiktokph ##relatable ##viral ##fail ##featureme

♬ original sound – fynestchina

Looking for more relatable and hilarious content? Fynest China provides both of that on a regular basis. You won’t run out of laughs here – we promise you that.

11. Simon Joseph Javier (@simonjosephjavier)


I’ll do this again but now with you squad! Like & Paste the link in the comments of my latest IG/FB Page Post (link in bio) for a duet/notice?

♬ original sound – imorxtal._

Simon Joseph Javier is always up-to-date with TikTok trends, but he also shares snippets of his private life on his TikTok, giving his videos a more personal feel. Another thing we love about Simon is how he interacts with his audience by promising to do Duets with them and actually following through. We love people who appreciate their fanbase!

10. Sai Datinguinoo (@saidatinguinoo_)


She’s is heaven now?♥️

♬ original sound – Sai Datinguinoo

We absolutely love Sai Datinguinoo’s energy and vibe! Her dance videos and comedic dubs aside, we also love her style and how cute she and her boyfriend are in some of her videos!

9. Tyrone Tiaga (@tyronetiaga01)


kainin mo yang gulay

♬ original sound – Tyrone Tiaga

Tyrone Tiaga is downright hilarious and our favorite part is that all of his videos are comprised of completely original content. You can really see the creativity and the originality in every single one of his videos, and we applaud him for that!

8. Ffey Namindang (@ffeynamindang)


? ##makaganda ##queen ##tiktokph

♬ Zombie ka? – ?CZAIENNE?

Aside from her fit body, which she showcases every time she dances on TikTok, Ffey Namindang also has a funny side to her. She has comedic TikTok videos up on her account, too, as well as a peek into her home workouts and skincare regimen that show us why she looks the way she looks. We swear she’s a major fitspiration!

7. Jai Asuncion (@jaiasuncion)


Just like that, come my way ?

♬ Like That – Doja Cat feat. Gucci Mane

Jai Asuncion posts the usual TikTok dances, but she also gives us a peek into her personal life by bringing in her pets, her niece, and her boyfriend into the picture sometimes. She has also posted covers of her singing (sometimes while playing the guitar), which we hope to see more of.

6. Mitch Unnie (@mitchunnie)


This dance is sooo cute! ?? happy easter everyone!!!?

♬ The New Sweet Groove – Put a Donk on It

Mitch Unnie is an all-around TikToker. She showcases her different outfits in her TikTok videos, does dance videos, dubs cute skits, makes use of funny filters, and rides on all sorts of other TikTok trends for the entertainment of her followers.

5. L I T E (@marylitelamayo)


qt ng music ?❤️

♬ The New Sweet Groove – Put a Donk on It

Only 18 years old, Lite is a TikTok influencer who has recently started bringing her family and friends into her TikTok videos as she dances during quarantine.

4. Andree Bonifacio (@andreebonifacioo)



♬ original sound – alisha ‘ㅅ’

One look at this petite beauty’s TikTok videos will show you why people love her. She is downright gorgeous and an absolute joy to watch – not just for her dancing skills, but also her overall look and style. She also posted a tutorial for a washable mask during the quarantine. We stan influencers who care about things outside of social media.

In case you didn’t know yet, When in Manila has a TikTok account, too! Follow us here.

3. Ella Cruz (@queenellacruz)


##salamatfrontliners ##frontlinersdancechallenge ❤️

♬ Fight Song – DJ Loonyo

Ella Cruz shows off her dance skills quite frequently on TikTok, while injecting a bit of comedy into them now and then. She occasionally posts TikTok videos about her love for KPop, as well. She recently posted a shoutout video for frontliners, too.

2. Yanyan De Jesus (@yanyandejesus1)

@yanyandejesus1Barbie be like

♬ original sound – akana_official

Yanyan De Jesus posts unique and entertaining dubs, comedic and dramatic point-of-view TikTok videos, as well as awesome dance videos that will make you wish you could dance the same way.

1. Niana Guerrero (@nianaguerrero)


yay we did it ?✌?##onewithnatalia

♬ Jawsh 685 | Laxed [SIREN BEAT] – emmapearson033

Niana Guerrero is not a new name in the world of social media. Known for her awesome dance videos with her equally talented siblings Ranz Kyle and adorable Natalia, she brings that same energy into her TikTok videos, amassing her over six million followers to date.

Who is your favorite TikToker? 🙂

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