20 Female Fitness Instructors Who Will Inspire You to Keep Working Out

We are halfway through the first month of the new year. How many of you are still actually working out after making that New Year’s resolution to? Being healthy and fit should always be a priority in your life, New Year or not; but if you’re having trouble finding the necessary motivation to go to the gym everyday, these fitness instructors will prove to be the best fitspiration to get you to keep going.

20. Noreen Claire Efondo, 30, Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio, and Yogahive


Noreen Claire Efondo has been teaching pole dance and fitness classes, aerial hoops, and her own personal brand Chairlesque for about five years now. Chairlesque is a dance style that tests your flexibility, balance and core strength using a chair. According to Noreen, these three classes will give you a sense of confidence, independence, sexiness and strength that no other sport can do. “It isn’t just amazing for your outer body, but for your inner self, too,” she adds. “The best part of doing theses classes is that it’s incredibly fun; you don’t even think you are exercising.”

Aside from being an instructor, Noreen is also part of an organization called I LOVE STREET CHILDREN (ILSC) where they organize fun activities and outreach program for homeless children in Manila. They are currently looking for sponsors to raise funds for these kids.

19. Caisa Borromeo, 33, Saddle Row


Caisa Borromeo has been teaching cycling classes at Saddle Row since April 2018 after she fell in love with Saddle Row’s fitness programs and classes while taking them. Her cycling class Underground is a full-body choreography-based workout, which is both challenging and fun. “I think people should try our cycling and rowing classes because not only will they enjoy working out, they’ll also be surrounded by a supportive community,” she says.

Caisa’s main passion, however, is theater. She has actually been acting and singing on stage since she was 10 years old. Some of the recent shows she has starred in include the Sugar Free Musical, Sa Wakas A New Pinoy Rock Musical, HAIR, Little Women – the show which earned her a Gawad Buhay Award for Best Actress in a Musical and Silent Sky, which will be remounted at RCBC this coming February 2019. “I am also a vocal coach and I teach the drama club with Michael Williams at Chinese International School,” she adds.

18. Riezl Rabago, 33, Gold’s Gym BGC


Riezl Rabago has been in the fitness industry for two years now, teaching Bootcamp Class and training people to have a healthier lifestyle by being physically and mentally fit.

Riezl has a 7-year-old son and loves trail running, dragon boat rowing, swimming, and working out at the gym. She also super loves the beach, as well as bikinis. “I’m very happy in the state that I am right now because the purpose of my job is to help people become a better version of themselves,” she shares.

17. Ericka San Juan, 23, Kerry Sports Manila


Ericka San Juan has been a personal trainer and a group class instructor for three years now, training mostly general population and making individualized programs that are in line with their needs and their goals. Ericka shares, “I want my clients (especially women) to learn and realize that lifting weights has a lot of benefits. Lifting weights makes you strong and being strong boosts your confidence, makes you feel sexy, improves the quality of your life and it gives you a sense of self. No one should be afraid to love the iron because our body is capable more than what we think.”

Ericka has also been inclined to powerlifting just recently; she is still learning the sport and has been training consistently to excel in it. During her free time, she enjoys watching Korean dramas alongside a great cup of coffee.

16. Katrina Siozon, 34, Project Lifestyle Manila, Project Grapple PH, and Juan Against Bullying

@KatSiozon / @JABPhilippines

Photo by Patrick Segovia

Kat Siozon has been teaching Brazilian jiujitsu for about two years now. She shares that she fell in love with BJJ because it’s a martial art that’s built around allowing smaller and weaker individuals like herself to overcome bigger and more aggressive opponents by using proper technique, a little bit of smarts, and leverage. “However, the most significant differences happen outside of the mats,” she shares. “You’re more self aware. You learn how to take a step back and assess situations better. You learn not to panic and to find the best way out.”

Kat says she teaches the sport because it isn’t just good for you physically, but also emotionally and mentally. “I wanna get that feeling across to my students and I want Jiujitsu to help them the same way it has helped me,” she explains. Outside of work (she is a creative director for a small advertising firm), Kat also loves to surf and dive. She is also part of the anti-bullying program Juan Against Bullying that teaches women and children how to properly defend themselves when the need arises.

15. Nicole Valenton, 20+, Edge Climb Gym


Nicole Valenton has been teaching indoor rock climbing for eight months now. “It’s not only a full body workout, but a mind workout, as well,” she explains. “It’s like solving a puzzle using your body. It teaches you to conquer your fears, to commit, and to let go when you have to.” Nicole’s athletic resume includes being a multi-awarded competitive surfer and swimmer. She also has a day job as a Sales and Operations Executive.

14. Michaelle Perez, 31, Pole Dolls Dance Studio


Michaelle Perez has been teaching pole fitness for one and a half years now. Pole fitness is a fun and exciting workout that will help develop strength and flexibility, while chairography is a combination of sexy dance, floorworks and acrochair. According to Michaelle, not only will it boost your confidence, it might also help you discover a thing or two about your body’s capabilities. “Give yourself a chance to try new things and you will never look at a chair the same way again,” she urges.

Michaelle is a mother to a very wonderful kid, four adopted fur babies, and a turtle. She recently also got into home gardening.

13. Nuria Fabregas, 17, Chrome Divas

@nuriafab / @nuriachromedivas

Nuria Fabregas has been an apprentice for aerial hoops for almost two years now; it is a form of aerial arts where you dance and perform on a metal hoop hung from the ceiling. Nuria explains that she fell in love with it because it is a very fun and unique way to exercise and dance. She encourages everyone to try it, no matter the size, gender, experience, or physical background. Nuria is currently a senior high film student at MINT College. Photography and film have always been her passions, as well as aerial hoops.

12. Abby Jose, 23, Club Cycling Studio at The Upper Deck Sports Center


Abby Jose has been an instructor for about 10 months now, teaching indoor cycling to help make fitness a part of people’s lifestyle. Abby shares that indoor cycling is a workout that doesn’t feel like one. “We have awesome beats and music together with disco strobe lights, so it just feels like you’re in a party!”

Abby shares that she loves to dance and was actually a cheerleader for several years. As such, “leading a class and sharing her energy with her students and seeing them enjoy, come back, and improve has been one of the most fulfilling experiences for me,” she says. Abby also works as a Sales and Operations Executive at The Upper Deck. “It’s awesome because I get to experience the fun part of fitness while teaching classes and also learn about the business side,” she shares. “It’s the best of both worlds!”

11. Nikki Torres, 30, Yoga Hive Makati and Freelance


Nikki Torres has been training for 17 years and teaching for 5 years now, even designing a class called NT Sweat in 2014, which has grown a cult following since then. The workout is based on the principles of yoga, circuit training and dance set pace to the hottest Urban and Dance tracks. “I put together all of the practices that have worked and continue to work for me and my body and came up with a program that’s well-rounded and actually works, especially for women,” she shares. “The party vibe you get in class is just a bonus. Women swear by the work out and feel much stronger after only a few sessions.”

Nikki has always been passionate about bringing confidence out of other people and allowing that to manifest as natural beauty and fitness. “I’m most fulfilled when my clients and students are radiating with positivity,” she beams. Apart from fitness, Nikki is also a holistic wellness coach who focuses on improving lifestyle and habits, plant-based nutrition and detoxification.

10. Chynna Lemi, 27, The Upper Deck


Chynna Lemi has been teaching indoor cycling for nine months now. It is a whole body workout and an experience that she believes people should try at least once. “It’s not your typical bike ride,” she explains. “It’s a fun, sweat-filled, calorie-burning party… on a bike.”

In the morning, Chynna is a preschool teacher teaching 2 to 3-year-old kids. She also started an online business recently where she sells sports bras and sports tops amongst other things. Check out @gravity.active

9. Kat Reambillo, 34, MNL-Fit BGC, Flyweight Group Boxing Studio, and Nike Training Club


Kat Reambillo has been a fitness instructor going on 4 years now. She started coaching in 2015 after doing CrossFit for quite some time. She also became a Nike trainer around the same time and a trainer at Flyweight in 2016. While Kat teaches in three different places, all are HIIT and functional training. She actually does CrossFit, boxing, and NTC herself because they’re fun, effective, and functional. “I make it a point that I structure and program my classes with useful movements,” she adds. “Each day, we always do some form of squat, bend, push, pull, jump, etc, and the best application of exercise is to do these basic movements properly and efficiently. If you feel better and stronger, and you can do your daily activities easier than before, then you’re on the right track and doing fitness right.”

In her free time, Kat also likes trying different fitness activities to always learn. Recently, it has been Muay Thai, yoga, pilates, and running. “I also believe that learning should never stop, so I’ve been taking further education and studying for certifications like in Personal Trainer and Sports Performance (yes, I’m a nerd!),” she adds. She also has a day job working for our family business, remembering to say wise with priorities and time management. “When I’m not doing fitness-related things, I’m just your simple regular girl who likes to eat, read, travel, and hang out with friends.”

8. Jamaica Jornacion, 30, Beast House Pole and Aerial Dance Studio


Jamaica Jornacion has been teaching pole, heels and tease, and toning and stretching for seven years now. She thinks people should try it because it’s challenging, fun, and sexy. Teaching is Jamaica’s passion. “I love sharing my skills and talent with other people,” she explains. She also points out that people can be fit and active, no matter how busy they are. “Make time because health is wealth!”

7. Billie Capistrano, 27, Ride Revolution


Billie Capistrano has been an indoor cycling instructor at Ride Revolution for more than a year now, but she also does some volleyball sportscasting and anchoring work. Billie thinks everyone should try it because it’s a fun and challenging way for beginners to jumpstart their fitness journey, and a good form of cardio for those who are already active. Plus, it’s like one big party in the bike room – complete with lights!

Billie shares that she’s passionate about teaching because she was on the heavy side growing up. “I really challenged myself to lose the weight, love my body, have a good relationship with food, and stay active,” she shares. “I want to motivate others to become their best selves.”

6. Celine Encarnacion, 35, Plana Forma


Celine Encarnacion has been teaching fitness for about eight years now, and she thanks the universe everyday that she gets to do what she loves doing, and that she gets to help people! Plana Forma is a boutique fitness studio specializing in the barre method. It is hinged on strength training and functional training and is low impact, so people of all fitness levels and age groups are able to reap its benefits. She also teaches a lot of other classes by private instruction, including Vinyasa yoga, HIIT, TRX, zumba, and kid’s yoga and zumba.

Celine graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition IIN and was recently certified as a health coach. She will also be launching a lifestyle blog and website filled with healthy how to’s and tricks on how healthy can be made easy and accessible, one #belinibite and tip at a time soon. Watch out for that!

5. Anna Manalastas, 31, Kerry Sports


Anna Manalastas has been teaching yoga since December 2012. She teaches a variety of yoga styles including Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Power yoga, Ashtanga, and was most recently certified to teach Budokon Yoga, a style of movement that brings yoga and martial arts together. According to Anna, aside from developing strength and flexibility, steady practice of yoga can help the practitioner develop a better relationship with him/herself that spills over to his/her work, relationships, and health. “Because of the physical, emotional, and mental challenges in the poses and sequences, the practitioner develops compassion, patience, and resilience that he/she can take with him/her outside the mat,” she explains.

Aside from doing yoga, Anna also enjoys pole dancing, calisthenic workouts, and leisure biking. And, since she was previously a writer and creative associate for a film production company before becoming a yoga teacher, she also enjoys films, movies, and creative writing.

4. Linda Jean, 28, Billy James Fitness Center


Linda Jean likes to help her friends get into shape because she purely cares about them and wants them to achieve their body goals through her motivation. “I encourage my friends, client and fans to workout with me,” she shares. “When they do, I teach them a workout routine which is target to their needs. I assess their current body, I discuss their target body and form a workout plan to achieve their goals. My workouts include cardio, weight training, body weight training, stretching. I encourage a variety of exercises and not just one type to achieve a well-sculpted figure.”

Linda shares that she decided to get into shape after a painful breakup. She forced herself to go to the gym alone instead of drinking or lying in bed. After pushing herself everyday, she achieved her body goal in just two months. Since then, it has been her passion. “There is no secret,” she says. “Just go to the gym!”

3. Ira Reyes, 43, Chrome Divas Poledance and Fitness Studio


Ira Reyes has been teaching the aerial arts (pole, hoop, and silk), as well as exotic pole and chairdance for five years now. She thinks people should try it because it’s a unique alternative form of fitness. “Working out while having challenging activities on air and channeling your sexy side is a worthy escape to the norm,” she points out. Working out aside, Ira works as an Operations Director for Alorica. She also loves traveling and competing to meet people with the same love and passion a her.

2. Lexi Gancayco, 27, Grit Girls Gang, Ride Revolution, and The Movement Studio (coming soon)


Lexi Gancayco has been a fitness instructor for three years now, teaching indoor cycling and strength training – two exercises that work perfectly together. “They’re both very different disciplines that are good for your body and mind,” she explains. “I wouldn’t teach it if I didn’t love doing it.” Lexi believes that people shouldn’t constrict themselves from food, but instead learn how to eat smart.

1. Bubbles Paraiso, 34, Beyond Yoga


Bubbles Paraiso has been teaching Kids Yoga since 2014 and Ashtanga Vinyasa since 2015; and she has just recently started teaching Yin Yoga, as well. Bubbles shares that yoga can be for the body as it strengthens (ashtanga) and recovers (yin), making it the best complementary workout for athletes. “But beyond the physical aspect, yoga also exercises your mind,” she adds. “A deeper practice means delving deep into your mind and spirit. It changes you. Not just physically, but also mentally.”

Aside from teaching yoga, Bubbles is also a triathlete. “It helps because I know exactly what to work on when my students are athletes,” she explains. “I can relate to them more.”

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Know of any female fitness instructors who should’ve made the list?

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