24 Male Fitness Instructors Who Will Make You Want to Work Out More

The New Year is here! Did you perhaps make that cliched New Year’s resolution to work out more or stay fit this 2019? Whether or not you made that resolution, keeping fit should always be one of your priorities in life. However, if you’re having trouble finding the necessary motivation to go to the gym everyday, these fitness instructors might just inspire you to do so.

24 Male Fitness Instructors Who Will Make You Want to Work Out More

24. Ferdz Decena, 40, Community Fitness Pasig and Anytime Fitness SM East Ortigas

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Ferdz Decena

Ferdz has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga for almost a year now, though he has been practicing yoga for more than four years. Ferdz points out that one common misconception that people have about yoga is that you have to be flexible to get into it. However, that is not the case. “It’s easily accessible to everyone as options are given to both beginners and advance practitioners,” he shares. “Flexibility is just one of the results of the practice and not a requirement.” That aside, yoga also builds strength and core stability.

When not teaching yoga, Ferdz loves to travel. He actually works as a freelance photographer and writer contributing to several travel publications local and abroad. He also has a personal blog at ironwulf.net.

23. Bryan Cay, 31, The 3rd Fitness Lab


Bryan Cay

Bryan Cay has been a fitness coach for five years now. He has trained a range of clients and believes that exercise is important in achieving a well-balanced life. “I love to motivate my fitness clients in bringing out their inner athletes and in unlocking their physical potential.”

As a former high school teacher, Bryan treats each workout as a learning experience, ensuring that his clients know not only how to properly perform the exercises, but also the benefits they will reap. During his free time, he enjoys researching on sports and health. He is also an avid basketball player, and likes playing computer and online games.

22. Juan Paolo Lorenzo Escaño, 25, Grindhouse Fitness and Phenom Fitness


Paolo Escana

Juan Paolo Lorenzo Escaño has been a strength and conditioning coach for almost four years now, helping people reach their goals in relation to their sports performance. Lately, he has been working with clients who want to become better at their respective sports, such as dancing and ultimate frisbee.

Paolo  used to play football in grade school to college, and also competed in dance on an international level, where his team A Team Philippines brought home the gold last 2014 for the mega crew division. He has explored other sports since then, including Muay Thai and frisbee, the latter of which he is currently trying to focus his energy on.

21. Alex Raphael Callanta, 29, 360 Fitness Club and 3rd Fitness Lab


Alex Callanta

Alex Raphael Callanta has been a personal trainer and a group fitness coach for almost a decade now. He is also a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach and ultimate frisbee player. Alex shares that he loves dogs, reading YA novels, baking,  and playing video games when he can. “Most importantly, I really want to make the next generation healthy and active,” he says. “I want them to play outdoors, be sporty and the like.”

20. Jason Saguinsin, 32, Great Muscles Gym Makati and Platinum Fitness Makati


Jason Saguinsin

Jason Saguinsin has been in the fitness industry for almost a decade now, teaching weightlifting, circuit training, strength, weight loss, muscle gain, and body conditioning. Jason shares that he likes adrenaline and speed, which is probably why he’s a big bike enthusiast. He is also a gamer, playing PlayStation 4 and Mobile Legends (he’s part of OBS gaming).

19. Mark Vincent Dubouzet, 26, St. Benilde Men’s Basketball Team and The 3rd Fitness Lab


Mark Dubouzet

Mark Vincent Dubouzet has been doing personal training and group training for six years now, usually coaching athletes and aspiring athletes; and integrating speed and agility drills, plyometrics, strength training, and conditioning to prepare them for the rigors of competition. “Anyone wants to feel like an athlete, so why not train like one?” he points out.

Right now, Mark is also a part-time athlete and a part of the UP Sunken Pleasure Ultimate Frisbee team, which recently won the National Championship, an international event held in Manila, the Manila Spirits.

18. Stephen Paulino, 30, Kinematics TRX and Calibarzz


Stephen Paulino

Stephen Paulino has been a TRX and calisthenics coach for four to five years now. TRX is a full body exercise that uses TRX suspension equipment and body weight to do workouts to develop and enhance the core, while calisthenics involves various movements with the use of body weight. Both workouts are great in building strength, stamina, endurance, and overall physique. If you want to try something different from the conventional gym, try these out.

Stephen is generally very passionate about keeping fit and healthy, and his other hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, and eating.

17. Nikko ‘Borro’ Borromeo, 28, SaddleRow


Nikko Borromeo

Nikko Borromeo has been a rowing instructor since October 2018. His indoor rowing classes focus a lot on cardio and strengthening; and to make the experience even better, he makes the whole session beat-based, similar to spin classes. “Anyone can do it,” he exclaims. “That’s the beauty of it. I have students that range from ages 17-60 years old and they all do an amazing job every single time.”

Nikko actually works as a full-time copywriter at one of the biggest ad agencies in the Philippines, so if there’s one thing that inspires him the most, it’s trying his best to share his passion of fitness with his fellow co-workers, advertising friends, family members, and friends outside. “I want to show that even if we all get stressed with work, there’s still time to workout,” he shares. His job aside, Nikko is also a huge fan of sports, music (he has an office band), and video games.

16. Miguel Josef Lagman Chanco


Miguel Chanco

Miguel Josef Lagman Chanco has been an online keto coach for fat loss for four years now. Although he likes how he looks and how healthy he feels, he says there are no words for the happiness he feels when someone he has helped tells him how much of an impact he has made in their life. “My trainees have said that losing weight made a positive chain reaction, improving all aspects of their lives,” he shares. They got better at work, for example, and got more energy to spend time with their loved ones. “My purpose is to make people happy and I’m glad I’m able to do it through my work.”

15. Angelo James Sandique, 30, Phenom Athletics Sports and Performance Facility

@phenomathletics.ph / @coach_angelosandique.cpt

Angelo Sandique

Angelo James Sandique has been teaching personalized and scientific-based strength and conditioning for athletes and fitness enthusiasts for five years now to help them build lean muscles for weight loss, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, help strengthen bones, increase muscle strength for everyday chores, and prevent injuries.

Angelo actually owns Phenom Athletics; but when he isn’t coaching or managing the business, he plays rugby, American football, and frisbee. Growing up as an athlete with a lack of support, Angelo says he realized that young athletes should have easy access to proper training. This is why he opened Phenom Athletics. “We give free training to those struggling young athletes who cannot afford proper training, so they can achieve their full potential,” shares Angelo. 2% of the sales proceeds to their chosen non-profit organization that helps young children build those dreams.

14. Quintin Abat III, Grindhouse Fitness and Freelance


Quintin Abat

Quintin Abat III has been a fitness instructor for three years now – something he genuinely loves to do. Generally speaking, Quintin teaches different aspects of fitness, including strength training, bodybuilding, fat loss, sports performance, and rehabilitation training. He highly suggests devoting more time in the gym on strength training because it is one of the best ways to stay in shape, lose fat, and have a more functional body that can decrease physical injuries and signs of aging.

“Not many people understand that strength training should be the foundation of their training because strengthening your muscles will make other things in your daily life easier, like cardio, sports, and simple daily activities like walking up the stairs,” he explains. “Plus, you’ll have leaner muscles, so you’ll look good. What good will a 6-pack do if the person can’t even lift a heavy object off the floor, right?” Fitness aside, Quintin loves model building and painting, reading, and playing video games. “Deep down, I’m really just a geek who loves to work out.”

13. Raymond Roven, 25, PR City Crossfit and Crossfit Salcedo


Raymond Manuel

Raymond Roven has been teaching the basic fundamentals on weightlifting, basic gymnastics, strength and conditioning, and crossfit for four years now. He says people should try it to realize how much potential their bodies have when it comes to skill and performance. “The body can do so much more than you think,” he points out. “It’s only a matter of learning and practicing.

Raymond’s second love is music. He plays the guitar and the drums. However, the most interesting part about him is his love for toys. “I’m a toy collector and I have more than a hundred Star Wars and Marvel figures combined,” he boasts.

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