20 Brands to Watch Out for this Holiday Season!

Half the brands we know today have been around for more than a decade, but the other half just exploded onto the scene in the last five years, thanks to their cool combination of amazing product + fantastic service + game changing online presence. Because a ton of brands inundate our inboxes to prove themselves as The Ones to Watch, we decided to pick and partner with the ones we think are going to be The Next Big Thing, aka the brands everyone’s going to know by this time next year.

Below we rounded up 20 of our top picks for underrated brand of the year here in the Philippines. If you think we missed someone, tell us who you think should be included in the comments down below. For now, read on to find out the cool new products you never knew you needed and who are the companies behind them.


20. Shapecloud.ph

As the Philippines’ first online 3D printing service platform, Shapecloud.ph was built to streamline the process of creating your prototype to be as convenient as possible. Customers upload their designs in CAD files (3D Designs) to the website, pay online, and have their printed-out 3D design delivered right to their doorstep. Shapecloud also offers 3D design services and small batch manufacturing, providing an end-to-end solution for everyone.

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19. MyOffice

MyOffice Philippines is the first Filipino owned and operated virtual office and shared space in the country for individuals embracing the mobile workstyle. Operating since 2004, the company evolved by offering “Build Your Own Office” services, allowing for customized packages that provides more mobile working solutions than any other space in the country. MyOffice members can pick and choose the services they want, from having business address for their mail and permits, to an assistant that takes their calls, or to even a permanent space to work at everyday.

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18. FundKo

FundKo is a crowdlending platform that connects verified lenders and borrowers in a snap. Because they provide a more efficient service than traditional channels, lenders looking for investment opportunities will find more attractive returns on FundKo while borrowers get the most reasonable rates at the quickest possible moment.

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17. TAG

TAG is an umbrella corporation for several products and services aimed at helping the online world and physical world collide. From Tagcash.org, which connects the real world with the virtual world to Tagwild, TAG’s latest product: a game that lets you visit TAG locations on the map to win points, stamp, money and prizes, TAG’s innovating to help your online-offline experience be better.

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16. SkinStation

SkinStation is a skin care company that utilizes science to give you the best value in skin and body solutions. Proudly the #1 clinic here in the Philippines for painless Diode Laser, the Gold Standard in hair removal service, SkinStation employs the latest in cutting-edge technology for their clientele to enjoy the latest in skin care innovations, all at affordable prices and with guaranteed results.

Watch out for their newest product at Blogapalooza, the DERMAX Jeju Aloe Peeling Gel which smoothens your elbows, knees, heels. Its advanced clinical grade formulation provides three (3) key benefits: Exfoliation, Whitening, and Moisturizing.

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Trampoline Park Blogapalooza

15. Trampoline Park

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Trampoline Park’s that popular giant warehouse filled with dozens of trampoline “mats” stretching from wall-to-wall – allowing you to jump, fly, and literally bounce in every direction. They’re rolling out the latest epic activity: The Gravity Parkour Workshop!

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Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm, Trampoline Park’s parkour experts will teach you the basic parkour flow on trampolines, air awareness, trampoline plyometrics, wall trampoline basics, tuck jumps, precision jumps, monkey wars, monkey shifts, parkour rolls, speed challenges, speed vaults, one-handed and two-handed Vaults, monkey vaults, box jumps and they’ll teach you what all those words mean for free!

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14. Asian Massage – KB Skin Whitening

A double whammy, Asian Massage gives the best massages in the country while also selling an all-natural whitening brand called KB Skin in their stores.

Find out how you can avail of an Asian Massage through their website.


13. Pangalan.com

Pangalan.com is the successful partner of Filipino bloggers in earning more while building stronger credibility through its online services and affiliate program. From blog name customization, website creation, and website hosting, Pangalan.com is the trusted service provider of the best bloggers in the Philippines.

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12. Payoneer

In today’s borderless world, Payoneer enables millions of businesses and professionals, from more than 200 countries, to grow globally by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments. Additionally, thousands of leading corporations and marketplaces rely on Payoneer’s mass payout services to send funds to their beneficiaries worldwide. With Payoneer’s fast, flexible, secure and low-cost solutions, businesses and professionals in both developed and emerging markets can now pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

Find out how you can use Payoneer through their website and their Facebook.


11. Habitat for Humanity ReStore Philippines

ReStore is Habitat for Humanity’s home improvement charity store where people can donate, shop, and volunteer. Shop for your home and office needs, donate your pre-loved items, or volunteer your time and talent! Shoppers enjoy a wide variety of selections including furniture, appliances, building material and home improvement items.

All proceeds are used to fund Habitat’s mission of building homes, communities and hope. Habitat ReStore offers free pick up services for donations.

Visit them in Las Pinas or call 856-9342 / 807-1169 / 0927-572-0887 / 0908-727-3377. Follow them online Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their website.

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