1×1 ID pic for class index card? This student does it differently!

First day meetings in college in the turnover of a new semester usually require you to either introduce yourself in class, discuss the syllabus, fix seating arrangements, among others (if not tackling the first lesson). The most common would probably be the part where the professor requires you to write in an index card basic details about yourself (name, course, id number, contact number, email, etc) that will also serve as your class card.

What could have been a normal first day in class when the professor requested for the class card, Jose Rizal University student Winchelle Plaza uploaded on her Facebook account the index card of her classmate Abbygale Torres. Instead of a typical 1×1 ID photo, Torres complied with the ID size but used a photo of her gamely posing for the camera.

Index Card 1 Index Card 2 Index Card 3

It captions:

“Kapag gwapo prof niyo tapos pinapadala kayong 1/8 index card with your 1×1 picture

Ayan sir, wallet size with dedication xoxo”

(When you have a handsome professor requires you to bring a 1/8 index card with your 1×1 picture

There you are, Sir; wallet size with dedication xoxo”)

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Plaza for further details.

“It all begun in one of our classes, I won’t be specific about the subject. Our professor entered our classroom, I won’t mention his name as well. Gwapo siya. (He’s handsome). He required us to bring 1/8 index card with our 1×1 picture. We came up with this idea that instead of a 1×1 photo, wallet size picture nalang (instead) with dedication, hahaha!”

Plaza clarifies that Torres did not pass the index card above.

“We didn’t pass it to our professor. We just wanted to have fun.”

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own these photos. Photo credits go to Winchelle Plaza. You may view the original post here. Special acknowledgments go to Abbygale Torres, Layne Cadungog, Shina Palanca and Sharmaine Macusi.


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