18 Slam Hunks You’ll Wanna Score UAAP 81 Tickets for

9. Jarrell Lim, University of the Philippines

Jarrell Limj

Photo from Jarrell’s Instagram account: @jarrelllim

We can’t get enough of them chinito eyes! Jarrell is cute, and we love how humble and grateful he always is on social media, thanking the Lord for the blessings and proudly posting photos of gratitude for his girlfriend and family whenever he can. Who doesn’t love a God-fearing guy? (Bonus: he posts dog photos, too!!!)

8. Mark Dyke, De la Salle University

Mark Dyke

Photo from Mark’s Instagram account: @swaggyd28

Mark Dyke definitely has swag. We love his style and the way he carries himself, in general. Most of all, however, we love his smile. Whether it’s a real full-on smile or that smirk he sometimes does, we love Mark. Period.

7. Tyler Tio, Ateneo de Manila University

Tyler Tio

Photo from Tyler’s Instagram account: @tyler_tio

Tyler might seem like a bad-ass on the court, but once he smiles, it’s game over as your entire world will definitely light up. And his girlfriend? Her smile will definitely light your world up, too. Follow Tyler on Instagram and you’ll find stunning photos of places you’ll dream to visit, dates you’ll dream to go on, and even a dog you’ll dream to have.

5-6. The Ildefonso Brothers, National University


Photo from Shaun’s Instagram account: @shaunildefonso

The Ildefonso brothers are a force to be reckoned with on and off the court. Just look at them! We couldn’t even choose between Dave (left) and Shaun (right), so we added both. After all, they both deserve to be on this list!

4. Troy Rike, National University

Troy Rike

Photo from Troy’s Instagram account: @troyrike

Troy Rike looks great on the court, and he looks absolutely phenomenal off the court, as well. We don’t even know if the photo above is for a modeling campaign or if he just looks that great naturally. Either way, we love it. And we love him.

3. Issa Gaye, National University

Issa Gaye

Photo from Issa’s Instagram account: @leukbass

Dang. Son. I mean, seriously: how many guys do you know can where something like that and still look hella good? Issa is very proud of his Senegal roots, often posting photos of where he came from, and we are very proud of Issa – and not just coz of his good looks, either.

2. Keith Zaldivar, Adamson University

Keith Zaldivar

Photo from Keith’s Instagram account: @keith_zaldivar

On his Instagram account, Keith likes to post about his travels, including his trips to amusement parks, sights in other countries and a lot of pine trees and mountains. As such, you won’t just get to see his good looks on your feed; you’ll get to see gorgeous views, too.

1. Raffy Verano, Ateneo de Manila University

Raffy Verano

Photo from Raffy’s Instagram account: @raffyverano

I’m gonna say it now: Raffy Verano looks good in his photos, but they in no way do them justice because he just looks sooooo much better in real life. His arms do, too.

The UAAP Season 81 Men’s Basketball is currently ongoing and now you have more reasons to watch. See you there?