18 Slam Hunks You’ll Wanna Score UAAP 81 Tickets for

Article by Sofia Onte and Angeline Rodriguez

What’s cooler than sitting around watching a bunch of lads reppin’ your uni stuff a ball through a hoop? Seeing a bunch of good-looking lads reppin’ your uni stuff a ball through a hoop. And I guess we’re getting more of it this season.

It might take a minute or two to locate some pretty faces, but that’s the thrill of it. UAAP gives us new appealing faces each year (more like extra reasons to scream).

Mind you, it doesn’t matter if you find yourself on the hunt. The person beside you won’t care anyway; s/he’s probably screaming points after points, wearing his/her school-themed shirt, or just there for some gut-busting fun.

In case you don’t wanna stress yourself out too much and just wanna get right into it, though; we’ve already tried pinning some slam hunks we think you’d want to score… UAAP 81 tickets for (in no particular order).

18 Slam Hunks You’ll Wanna Score UAAP 81 Tickets for

18. Diego Dario, University of the Philippines

Diego Dario

Photo from Diego’s Instagram account: @diego5dario

On Diego Dario’s Instagram account, you won’t just see great photos of him; you’ll see great views of the places he’s been to, as well as great photos of his abs (and who wouldn’t want to see that, right?)

17. CJ Cansino, University of Santo Tomas

CJ Cansino

Photo from CJ’s Instagram account: @cjcansino 27

Fixed hair, flat hair, in a jersey, dressed up, on the beach, in a gym, or even just sweating in a corner; CJ Cansino always looks good. He could be a fashion blogger because we always love seeing what he’s up to.

16. Kib Montalbo, De La Salle University

Kib Montalbo

Photo from Kib’s Instagram account: @kibmontalbo

He’s got the lips; he’s got the eyebrows; he’s got the chinito eyes. Kib is definitely a cutie worth watching. What we love about him is that he isn’t afraid to be silly, even on his social media accounts. Make sure to follow him!

15. Wilson Bartolome, University of the East

Wilson Bartolome

Photo from Wilson’s Instagam account: @wilsonbartolome0121

Wilson has a very shy smile on social media, but it’s a great smile all the same. Throughout Wilson’s Instagram account, you’ll see splashes of the color red peppered all around, as well as photos of him with his girlfriend.

14. Anton Asistio, Ateneo de Manila University

Anton Asistio

Photo from Anton’s Instagram account: @antonasistio

Anton posts about everything in his life on his Instagram account: from his kicks of the day or bag of the day to stunning artwork that caught his eye to his travels to his basketball games. What we love the most about him, though, is his sense of humor. If you follow him on Instagram, you’ll definitely notice this guy’s wit – and you’ll definitely love him all the more for it.

13. Sean Manganti, Adamson University

Sean Manganti

Photo from Sean’s Instagram account: @wcspm

Basketball aside, one look at Sean’s Instagram account shows you what else he loves: shopping, his girlfriend (yes, he’s taken, ladies!) and killer kicks.

12. Richard Escoto, Far Eastern University

Rich Escoto

Photo from Richard’s Instagram account: @rich_escoto

Richard has a lot of endorsements as is evident on his Instagram feed. And why shouldn’t he? He’s a great basketball player and he sells the products well. Rich also loves sharing photos of his travels and of his beautiful wife.

11. Kenneth Tuffin, Far Eastern University

Kenneth Tuffin

Photo from Kenneth’s Instagram account: @kenneth_tuffin

I know a looooot of girls who love Kenneth. If you prefer guys with a bit of foreign blood in him, Ken is your man. Ken looks good in practically anything he wears. And as a bonus, he stands puh-retty tall at 6’4″ (a lot of my girl friends seem to like the height thing, so I thought I’d squeeze that in there).

10. Aljun Melecio, De La Salle University

Aljun Melecio

Photo from Aljun’s Instagram account: @aljunjaymelecio

If it’s kissable lips you’re looking for, Aljun Melecio is your guy. Aside from being God-fearing, Aljun also loves stunning kicks, traveling, going to concerts, chilling on the beach, and his girlfriend.

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