16 Types of Alcohol Drinkers You Could Meet in the Philippines

7. The Daredevil

The result of drinking 15 shots of whiskey while still staying conscious. They’ll do anything you command and they are up for any challenge. Ask them to dance like rooster or lick used socks, they’ll do it. Don’t be too harsh, though.


6. The Magician

The type of drinker that suddenly disappears from the group, especially before the bill comes.


drinking meme 6



5. Mr. Siga ng Kalsada

You don’t wanna mess with this type, especially when they’re drunk. They go completely out of control and challenge anyone who gets in their way into a fight. My advice: Stay away as much as possible.


4. The One Drunk in Love

Finds love at first sight and seizes the moment. When drunk, they can (and will) approach anyone of their liking. Prepare your pepper sprays.


3. The Master

 No matter how much booze you give them, you can’t seem to get these people drunk.


drinking meme 1


2. The Immediate Drunk

The complete opposite of the “Master”. These people usually get drunk before everyone else.


1. The Veteran

He’s been through countless drinking sessions in the barangay. Invited or not, as long as the gathering involves alcohol.


drinking meme 3

 Which type of alcohol drinker are you? Are any of your drinking buddies part of our list? Please do share it in the comment box below! 🙂

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Don’t forget to drink moderately!



16 Types of Alcohol Drinkers You Could Meet in the Philippines