16 Types of Alcohol Drinkers You Could Meet in the Philippines

16 Types of Alcohol Drinkers You Could Meet in the Philippines


Bottoms up, Mac! When in Manila, or anywhere in the Philippines, it is a MUST to enjoy and be merry for all good things. Usually, Filipinos settle for a good drinking session with friends and family. Not only it’s a great way to socialise with different people, but it is also a means of celebrating an occasion. Oftentimes, those occasions are every week, so you’d better get ready with a lot of booze.

With all of the people that you’ll meet while drunk, you’ll notice one thing: they all have different approaches when it comes to drinking. To get to know them better, here are the different types of drinkers you’ll meet in the Philippines.


16 Types of Alcohol Drinkers in the Philippines


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16. The Initiator

The person we have to thank for the whole affair. They’re the ones who invite and treat the whole barkada for a night out at the bar (or at their house). Whether it be because of a big promotion at the office or a birthday of a relative, they just want to celebrate with the gang.


15. The Dealer

The official “tanggero” of the group. They pour the liquor for everyone and usually persuade others to drink their drinks straight. They tend to pass out more tequila shots than they drink, too. Be wary, though, cause they are always secretly observing everyone else in the room.


14. The Knockout King/ Queen

Falls asleep while everyone’s still drinking. They either wake up with marker writings on their face or everyone gone … or worse.


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13. The One in Denial

You notice they’re drunk, but they still deny it and demand for another drink. Better stop this person immediately before matters get worse.


12. The Innocent One

They swear that they barely consume any alcohol and have never been drunk in their life. They only drink one bottle of beer, two at most per occasion. They’re the type of person everyone in the group wants to see drunk for the first time.


11. The Flashback Kid

Randomly blathers about their past when drunk. They’ll tell you stories about the time they got their first car, where they met their first love, or talking about how the world was a better place before technology…


10. The Crying Lady

Remembers the pain of the heartbreak when intoxicated. This type of drinker suddenly bursts into tears when asked questions about a past relationship or a personal problem they have to deal with. Aww.


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9. The Hungry Hippo

When there are plates of crispy sisig, chicharon, and lechon at your table, no one can really resist taking a bite or two. However, this type of drinker will do more than just that. A Hungry Hippo will eat most of the food or “pulutan” as if they were at a buffet.


8. The Birit King/ Queen

They believe they have the “Golden Voice” and try to prove it by singing either My Way or Total Eclipse of the Heart on the karaoke machine. Don’t get hithemm too drunk unless you want to hear them sing all of Michael Jackson’s singles.


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